[Archive] The Word of Hashut- Issue #11


CDO Ezine- The Word of Hashut #11

Project Name: The Word of Hashut- Issue #11 (Winter 2011)

Project Leader: Willmark

Project Goal: To complete issue #11 of the ezine

Submission/Publish Dates Submissions: Saturday, November 27th / Publish: Saturday, December 25th.

Editor in Chief: Willmark

Editors: Sojourn, Swissdictator

Content Editor: Cornixt

Submissions Coordinator: Maul

As usual here is the thread for communicating with the forum as a whole regarding its status and communication for Issue #11 of the Word of Hashut.



Ok as it is every issue the last one of the year is always crunch time so get cracking checking in here if you are looking to contribute.


Would it be useful to have a ‘how to’ convert Mantic dwarfs into CD’s of different types?

Or is it so similar to normal ones that is not worth it?

Could have some units painted up rather soon, would they be better?


I’'ll have a think but I don’t know if I can get anything done in such a short period of time. Any specific (preferedly in my area of expertise :wink: ) articles you are looking for?


Hi wilmark. Really think it’s about time I made a contribution instead of sitting on the sidelines…anything particular you would like?


GT report is written up, just need to finish the maps :slight_smile:


I do have a piece of fiction I wrote last year. Its about 5000 words long. Not sure of the criteria you like for these sort of things but I could try and send it if you want.


I’ll be putting the outline together or at least adding more to it shortly stay tuned.


To all in the thread thus far please PM for possibilities of articles for submission.

To the Site- now accepting Slave Pen questions as well.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Submission deadline is Nov 27h? That’s in just a bit more than a week. Really?


Art always has some “flex” :wink:


Submission deadline is Nov 27h? That's in just a bit more than a week. Really?
Well, the last one was delayed a fair bit. Returning to the original deadline is going to come as a bit of a jolt ;)


Yeah, in reality we have been very late on the last two.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

So… how are things with this one…?


it’s hard to complete it?

how many days you think it will take to finish it?


Pretty good handle on articles as it’s not going to be as big as the last few. Starting tomorrow I should have more time coming up the next few days.


How goes the progress? As always I’d be more than happy to contribute to editing/proof reading, etc. if it would be of any help!


Hashut’s Blessing:

I second the above statement. Anything I could supply for an article?


Working my way through it but still more to go. Stay tuned.


Can’t wait!!!

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