[Archive] Thommy H contributes lore to Titan Wargames!


Huzzah! Thommy is now contributing fluff to Titan Wargames. He’s expanded my initial notes into what is beginning to resemble a fully-fleshed out world :slight_smile: Read some of his fluff snippets here and here(scroll down).


Congrats Thommy, will be checking out your work later this week


A quality read. It’s important to set the character of the setting early, and develop some intriguing background so that a vision of the world help drives your sculpts forward. Will he be able to buy at a discount now? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That was a nice read. i’ll check the pyromancer later (:


Will he be able to buy at a discount now?
All my downtrodden minio- I mean, valued contributors, get freebies/discounts :) This includes Weblord Xander, Fluffmaster Thommy and Emergency Events Gopher Mike.

Thommy H:

“Fluffmaster” is probably not the title I’d have chosen, for a number of reasons.

I’m glad everyone is enjoying what I’ve written so far. There should be another piece going up tonight, which was actually the first one I wrote, so it probably works better as an introduction to the setting than all of the others. Obviously it’s all just flavour at the moment though - hopefully there are enough snippets and allusions to concepts in there though to whet people’s appetites and to give an idea of a larger world waiting to be explored.


Loremaster, perhaps, would be better. :wink:

Blue in VT:

:hat off

I really enjoyed both pieces as well…you have a very fine writing style. I’ve actually written my first two pieces of fluff in the last couple of weeks (about my vanilla dwarf army though from a Greenskin POV) and these are quite inspiring and of a quality to strive for.



Thommy H:

The Grulka piece is now up. It’s probably a good place to start with this stuff.


Love your fluffing Thommy!


The Grulka piece was really good. I certainly enjoyed reading it. You’re fleshing out a whole, dark underworld there. :hat off


Loremaster, perhaps, would be better. ;)

I suggest "Guy who makes up stuff"


Fluffmaestro? Fluffer? Fluffmonger? Just accept Fluffmaster, its only going to get worse.

The Grulka piece is indeed the best introduction, I agree. The Pyromancer one is my favourite though.

Thommy H:

Yeah, mine too, actually. Probably because it has a punchline, I guess. I’ve got some ideas currently formulating for the next two pieces too, which should complete the set, as it were.

Ancient History:

Good show, Thommy H.


Fluffmaestro? Fluffer? Fluffmonger? Just accept Fluffmaster, its only going to get worse.

I think he doesnt want to be a fluffer ;)


just saying :hat off


I think he doesnt want to be a fluffer
... Fluffmaster it is then :)

Thommy H:

But that sounds like I’m the boss of the fluffers and that is, at best, a dubious honour.


Sigh, this is true. Titan Wargames is, after all, definitely lacking porn stars and their attendants, for good or ill.

Fluffmaker General? Overfluff? Fluffwit?

More on topic, the Heavy Infantry piece will go up tomorrow evening :cheers

Thommy H:

I think I’m happy with “Thommy” for now. I don’t crave fancy titles: only the power that goes with them.