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I started making one concept model for a CD bull centaur and ended up with a few interesting looking models. I had never done a whole re moddel on a miniture just a few tweaks here there cloaks ect nothing of this size before and centainyl not with old fashioned miliput anyhow. Please be kind as it is the first time I have shown many people my models since I stoped playing so very long ago now. Oh yes camera isnt too good for taking photos of models so looks like ill need a new one

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As you can see the paint job isnt entirely finnished but using the old style bretionian warhorses I bulked them up and removed the heads replacing with the front torso of a dwarf shaving down the face somewhat and then remaking the dreadlocked style beards and using the sheilds from mainly empire spearment (I liked the idea of the lion on the sheild boss) and working obcsene abmoounts of miliput for extra deailing/covering

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Interesting, but need better pics in order to see details.

Kera foehunter:

i like your colors !! but like willmark said : better pictures !!

hey that is a cool army Thorne


Cool, nice Bullcentaurs models. :slight_smile:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

These look promising, but the images are way too blurry and take ages to load!


The Bullcentaurs look cool! Very interesting minis! Good conversion! :hat off

…but IMO the hats are much too tall and

(I mentioned that many-times)

I´m not a fan of the ordinary red colour scheme! :mad



from what i could see in the pics - you have some nice looking models. For me, horse’s dont always transition well to bulls - the bulking out did seem to work some although they do seem a bit tall imo, but again thats mine eyes.

Your concept is good, colors are strong… overall they look pretty good.

Ah the days of milliput… still decent stuff though, although i use primarily greenstuffs, procreate and tamaya expoxy tape now.


the bulking out did seem to work some although they do seem a bit tall imo, but again thats mine eyes.

You can never have a chaos dwarf that is too tall. Its all in the hat you see :P


as you can see they still need a little work but im pretty pleased with the result thus far any advice ?


Having scrapped my origanal ideas for my chaos dwarf force I took a retrospective look at what I wanted to put together, I came up wiht some unusual ideas for my new and improved chaos dwarf force.

I made 2 blocks of 24 chaos dwarf annihilators, 15 Chaos Dwarf boar centaurs a Death Rocket and a Earthshaker 2 sadly at the momment my warmachines only have 4 crew and I know I should really have a total of 6. To accompany the army to battle I have also converted 2 sorcerers and a lamassu and the wonderfully realised vision that is Zagrod !.

Im not sure how photographs of the models will turn out but I will upload them when I have gained found worked out how to do them with relative sucsess

But TODAY yes today I have been prommising them for a long while but it will soon be a reality when I show my unconventional army of CD’s on this forum. Indeed I have sprayed undercoated and not im putting brush to pot and then mixing my colours to apply to my force. At present it barely scratches 1500 points but its becomming more a reality than a far off drawn out dream.

Unconventionaly I have also decided upon a purple and yellow colour scheme to be a little off the wall and I must before I post immages lend great hommage to Tjub for not only selling me the marksmen/slaver out of production blunderbuss armed guys for my force and it looks a stunnnign sigth to behold using the most unusual models for my chaos dwarf annihilators/blunderbusses plastic grechin from one of the pre curssors to the current 40K boxed set.

I look forward to showing you what I have made. Please bear with me


very nice, i like the drematic poses


The poses were kinda cool but I found when stood next to my conversion jobs on the dwarf annihilators/blunderbusses formerly plastic grechin (with beards hair and welding masks and map pin hats for the most part) they looked too oversized and unweildy and not quite chaos dwarfish enough.

I have just applied the first few coats of paint to my dwarf annihilators / blunderbusses and I must say they look quite good. I hope ot be uploading immages soon.

Kera foehunter:

i love the super big hat the beard look great

but i think you need to add a icon or something to break up the long grown

of arrmor


@ Kera the big gown of plate had been scrapped for a better idea I hope.

@ Nitro Yes I did love some of the poses they looked quite good in that department but they are far too big to be a semi realistic scale in comparison to the rest of the force.

First unit painnted today. Need bassing propperly but look quite good. Im almost impressed. Not the best conversion jobs that you will see on thsi forum but quite interesting none the less.

I will upload picutures when I have better lighting and a better camera.


Second unit painnted today too. Like the first they will need bassing up but look quite good. As I have said before these chaos dwarves are not the best conversion jobs that you will see on the forum but quite interesting none the less. Started working on the boar centaurs now.


Finaly I have something to show but sadly the picture quality is awfull I will deffinately have to get a new camera…

In the paint miliput and plastic they do look far better than they appear in the photo’s

Kera foehunter:

Your going to put a minni skrit of arrmor on them !!

now that 's H O T

Border Reiver:

I think that the Boar centaurs are better proportioned than the horse based centaurs are. I’ll leave any other judgements until you can provide clearer pics.


I think that the Boar centaurs are better proportioned than the horse based centaurs are.  I'll leave any other judgements until you can provide clearer pics.

Border Reiver
These are soem other pictures ... Not wonderfull quality but you can see them slightly better.

And my other project my deffinately work in progress Kollosus you can see huge similarities to Tjubs work here but alas I cannot claim even 5% of the same level of skills

Hes a bit of a giant beast type stood over the humble blunderbuss guy but still isnt that the whole point


4 New Bazooka/Swivel gun hybrids have been started today with another 4 support guys holding what appear to be missile type objects in there hands to accompany them. These will act as my bolt thowers looking pretty long and different. Additional news that another 24 Blunderbusses and a leader/despot on a lamassu started today. Will provide pics soon.