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Right I best kick this section off. As you all who have come from CDO know, I am probably not the best sculpter nor am I the best painter so ill attempt to make a squat army. I have already taken the liberty of throwing together a few tanks to aid my cause already. Those eagle eyed amougst you will notice they are space marrine shaped. THat is not a indication of how my army will play, Just a conviniant shape for me to work with. SO here goes. The first picture in the blog zone.

With a little work today and a lot of paint to seal thecardboard and wood I have gotten to this stage. I have gotten semi ready for the next stage of my scratch building project the decoration and arming of the vehicles. Pretty happy with my progress so far. The Space dwarf tanks are looking nice and retro at the momment,

Whatdo you think guys ?


Awesome use of the buttons as hatch lids. Nice budget idea!

Good use of and old sheet of ply? Looking cool, why is the blue so shiny? was it still wet when you photographed it?


I think they look great! I especially like the tank on picture 2 and to the right of the rear ranks on the last picture.


What size are they? I’m guessing about 30% smaller than the SM ones??


Hardly they are about 10% bigger than the SM ones ill have a comparison shot next time Im doing the rounds with my camera


Oh yeah the reason they are so glossy is I find if you do not seal or put a layer of gloss upon the cardboard detailing to a nice gloss finnish then you can get in trouble with layers and layers of paint soaking into the wood/cardboard making the whole thing look un uniform when you come to apply the propper paint as it doesnt seal the whole thing together.


The buttons as hatches is one of the most clever idea I’ve ever seen on internet!

Well I think your tanks are more than ok, even if they need more details of course. I’d spend more time on tracks, as some of the track links does not seem to be workin’… I would have used plasticard instead of cardboard. It’s ok you are going cheap but you can buy tons of plasticard for almost nothing… and the final result is way better than card…

Nice touch the old style land raider. Really squattish :wink:


Think I am going to abbandon my termite, Ive seen better and if I am honnest it is far too big and out of proportion.


Stage 2 of my rhino’s


Now with added land raider


Dude! That’s one way to make £100 worth of tanks!

Great work!!


W0W Th0rne! Awes0me j0b!!! These are great!


Now that they have painted tracks and such, I actually like them better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: very nice way to make tanks!! Looking forward to seeing your minis :slight_smile: will they be the classic squats or conversions?


Sorry for the fuzzy images. At the momment I am using my I-Pod to take photographs because my wife has left her camera at work.

<img src="http://img862.imageshack.us/img862/6693/155i.jpg



Intresting use of parts, the old greatchins seem to work just fine. Maybe a bit monotone pose, but they do look alot better than Id expected…


I told you I would upolad some better pictures.


Haha, love them!

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These guys looks awesome - might be tempted to buy some Space guys! :cheers

My wife wil kill me … :wink:



Really cool conversions you have there, looks great painted!


Great use of those old goblin miniatures and the warzone plastics :), they look great painted

I think one of your guys has a MASSIVE neck issue…(back right)

Also I think the warzone guys head could have done with being glued slightly further forward on the body…

I don’t mean to be picky it’s just my brain points these things out to me, they are still a great looking bunch of figures.

Also cool use of the Heresy Dwarf Vader :slight_smile: