[Archive] Tiny chaos warriors with beards. And big, big guns [Updated 09.12.2012]


Hi there!

I wanted another FB army and since 8th ed screwed up Wood Elves, I went for Chaos Dwarfs instead. They are just as evil as my Skaven, but I don’t have to paint 150+ models and I can stand still and let the enemy come to me for once.

So I’ve built a few CD warriors so far with the help of Xander’s youtube videos. Thanks Xander!

Sorry for the huge pics.


I kinda screwed up the shield emblem, but its getting better with each mini. This was just the first one I based.


C&C for the base + anything else? I’m about to finish the first CDs I sculpted, so the mail + masks are lacking a bit, but at least I have a few minis done soon.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Blue in VT:

These are looking great…keep up the good work.



I was told there would be guns.

“There are no guns.”


Quiet good for the first approach ! :cheers

Try on improveing your sculpting skills, it could be only better than it is :slight_smile:


I was told there would be guns.

"There are no guns."

Sorry, I haven't actually built them yet.


Very good first efforts. Looking forward to the guns.


Looking cool to me! awesome colours :smiley:


Ten more CD incoming! A couple of these have custom made masks so I could experiment a bit and break the monotony of only using the three helmet moulds I have so far.


Pre wash


A man after my own heart. Very nicely executed. Ilove the use of the WF chaos dwarf symbol! Bravo!

Can’t wait for more!


Very nice, keep up that top notch work.


Got a few more done right now:

Just lacking the shield runes on these ones

I wasn’t happy with the bases with the last batch, which color do you think I should go for?

edit: ops, didn’t notice I hadn’t finished the axe handles :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d go with the dark base, or at least give the light base some darker sides (Bestial Brown, Chaos Black or the like). I really like your converted Chaos Dwarfs, quite simple but effective! Marauder arms are perfect for CDs. Also, the colour scheme (with white shield emblems) work well.


Thanks for the input guys! I agree on the base color and will go for the dark ones from now on.

Now I just need to finish these guys then I’m of to to sculpt some great weapon armed guys from another set of models than the BfSP-dwarves. I tried one so far and I wasn’t quite happy with the result, but at least I learned a few lessons. If I get stuck I’ll build some warmachine instead :slight_smile:


This is a super bad picture, especially for what I’m about to use it for, but how do you guys think I should paint the barrell on my hellcannon?


The leftmost one is “highlighting” white+yellow / yellow / yellow+orange / orange. (I’ll have to have the first layer cover more I think you can see some of the deneb stone under). I wanted to “highlight” all the way to red and black at the end for a real “lava” look, but I thought this was hard enough without laying at least two more layers on and I realized I don’t have a good red paint :frowning:

The second one is how I painted my warpstone. Yellow + thraka green wash. Its a lot easier and it complements the dark red according to http://colorschemedesigner.com/ but it doesn’t look like its “glowing hot” so to speak, it kinda looks more undead-y. I just added the wash so its a lot more glazed looking than it will be.

Here is a picture of all the guys I’ve built so far



In other news! I haven’t gotten the Tamurkhan book, but I heard the golems got nerfed to heck and back so I thought I’d make some bull centaurs instead.

I like Bolg’s slayer centaurs and Avatars of War has an entire unit of them. I already have a bunch of marauder horses I can use. I think they look more bad ass than elven mounts.


Try hitting the green souls on the cannon with a lighter green, and then a tiny bit of white as a final highlight, and see how you like it, Smog.

It might give that last little oomph to the colour you seem to be looking for.


The really look great as a unit! Keep up the good work here… :slight_smile:


I’ve almost finished painting a Hellcannon, but I haven’t done much lately (curse you, Skyrim!). But I got a box of Avatars of War’s dwarf berserkers whom I wanted to combine with some marauder horses for Bull Centaurs.

This is the first model so far. I’m going to add a chainmail or scalemail bib under his belt, but I’m wondering what I should cover the saddle with after I cut it of. Fur? Cloth? More armour?



Aaaand a picture of all the four I built tonight. Now to find out how to model the green stuff armour and scales.



Yeah, I’ve tried to make some plate mail on one of them, but I need to finish it before I decide if I want to go for that, scale mail or fur. Probably will do a mix since I have parts for several but will probably field no more than 4 at most times.


i think that you should cover up the saddle with some fur, which would blend in well with the rest of the centaur. have you tried using a smaller horsey thing, such as chaos warhounds, because otherwise it looks a tiny bit out of proportion.