[Archive] UK Battle for Albion 2008 Weekend - new CD rules to be used!


Not sure how many of you live in England but I noticed this on the White Dwarf site a little while ago and it’s got me quite excited!

Here is a link to the site:


These guys seemed to run a lot of the campaign weekends at warhammer world. If you read the Draft info pack you will notice a bit of Chaos Dwarf fluff - yes CD are going to play a part in the campaign. After chatting to the organizers it apppears that they are going to write an experimental CD list to be used at the weekend! I haven’t heard anything other than the mention of a kolossus. :slight_smile:

I’ve mobilized my uni society to go to this with their various armies, but I wondered if I was going to be the only CD there or not. That’s assuming I get my army constructed and painted by the start of March. Gulp.

So anyone interested? Maybe you’ve already seen this? Sceptical about experimental list? Lets hear thoughts people!

EDIT: Sorry - realised I’ve put this in the wrong section of the forum. oops. any chance of a mod shifting it somewhere more appropriate? Cheers.


if this is true and its in a location i can get to, count me and my mates in

Edit : no dogs of war allowed? there provoking 2 earthshakers, and tbh this tourny is gonna be flooded with truthsayers orge armys

Edit 2 : these guys are charging �45 for 6 games, these people are certainly out for a profit and not for the game, sorry but count me out


Sorry to hear that gil.

To be fair the scenario pack does stress fun over competitive play. My friend went to a 40k one they ran last year and said that it was a real blast. Obviously it might be flooded with power gamers, but I’ve got a big enough group going with that we’ll have fun in many hours of drinking around the games. :slight_smile:

As far as 2 ES goes - I know that they aren’t the competitive choice, but I saw this as a good opportunity to use BCs.

Oh well, each to their own -cheers for looking anyway.

Any thoughts from anyone else?


If someone does go, they gotta get a copy of the CD rules!


I’ll keep my eye on the website and as soon as the rules are up I will post them for everyones delectation.