[Archive] Unable to continue projects for now


I know this probaly isn’t the place to say this (and mods please delete it if it isn’t) but I’ll be away from my projects (but hopefully not my posting!)
I’ve been found to have a growth near my tailbone which will be determined tomorrow whether it’s malignant or not. Regardless, I am in too much pain to paint or model anything significant and as such my projects will be put on hold for a little while.
I’m a firm believer that I can get through this (hell, I’m only 18) and as such I’ll say that I’ll only be “away” for a while.
Again, if this goes against any rules feel free to delete it. I haven’t got the grasp of everything yet.

UPDATE: Everything’s on the up now, 5 months later.


I hope everything works out for you.

Good luck dude.


Good luck with everything Arnold. We’re thinking of you buddy. An whatever it is, I hope it doesn’t keep you away from your projects/modelling/painting for too long.


Good luck, mate: hope everything goes okay.


Thanks for the support guys, it really does help a lot :slight_smile:

Hopefully the results will tell all. I just hate the waiting most. Either way, still have to get my ~8 posts a day!!

I’ll let you know what happens, but I’m sure it’ll be okay


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Best of luck…hopefully it’s nothing.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Good luck with the benignity of the growth and don’t sweat it about posting something up saying you won;t be around for a while. Especially for personal reasons.

Having said that, it’s good to ehar that you’ll only be away from the hobby and not the community :wink:


Going in for the (hopefully) last appointment now. Hoping I’m just a mutie and that there’s nothing badly wrong with it. Either way, once I get the proper help for it I’ll be back posting more often and making my projects.

Thanks for the support guys, it means a lot.



All the best Mate… Hoping it’s hood news!


Running some more blood tests this weekend, but looks like it may just be aggravated scar tissue which is benign. All the tests so far revealed I have Ross River Virus (which I’m sure all the other Aussie’s here know is fun haha) so getting that treated too.

All in all, better news than I was expecting so I’ll be back up and finishing my projects soon :smiley:



That IS good news :smiley:


Aussie and Kiwis’ disease? That’s weirdo. Look what you can learn from an hobby forum :smiley:

Well hope it’s not so bad but the pain. Keep recovering! :slight_smile:


@Bassman, I don’t know if it’s from anywhere else, but is a virus mosquitos can carry, makes you all feverish. Really glad it’s only this though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support guys! Soon I’ll be back to modelling my nomad CDs :smiley:



Congratulations almost I think, I had RRV after a trip to Papua new Guinea, Not plesant almost good news about the scar tissue Id reckon. The other doesnt bear thinking about.


It’ll be hard to deal with at first but it’s nowhere near as bad as what I was prepared for. RRV is totally manageable these days so I’ll be in good hands. Won’t keep me away from my models or job so I’m grateful for that much.



In fact with bed rest.

I advise lots of Sci-fi and a board to model on :smiley:


Haha, will be doing, Nitro. Been away from my steam convoy for about a week or so now, and my first cyboar just arrived, so I have to get started again. Will be scavenging a dining/art board from my housemate sometime soon



Didn’t want to start another thread so I’ll just post it here.

Following a close childhood friends’ suicide I’ll be taking leave from here for a while. I really need to re-asses my life and work myself out. I lost my Granddad who raised me only months ago and now a close friend took her own life exactly 24 hours ago. I need to talk to those closest to me more, and keep them closer.

I hope to return from time to time and will still read my PMs for those trading with me.

It’s been a pleasure being on here every day for the last four or so months but I can’t do it anymore and I’ll be putting down the paint and tools for at least a while.

I’ll be back in the hobby sometime later and hope to still see you guys here.

I hope everything goes well for you, and remember to spend more time with those closest to you - they don’t last forever.

Best of luck,


Ugly Green Trog:

My sincerest sympathies Necro be well, hope to see you about soon.

Blue in VT:

:hat off

A time of reflection is always a good idea after such traumatic events…Take all the time you need. You know we’ll be here.