[Archive] *update 02/05*new "evil dwarf" big hats *wip*


hey there. i have good news i convinced Edward Fortae of www.trollsforge.com to come up with a little range of big hat evil dwarfs for retail and here is a preview of the mini’s to come, this will be updated with more images to come when i get them

"Three of my new evil dwarfs. The torso is almost finished and I am working on the arms right now. There will be two arm options available to choose from in the beginning with a third later down the road" Edward Fortae

this is only a preview and they look thin but the arms need to go on i think they will turn out great, i like the step towards a less chaosy for sake of being chaos look,

Pyro Stick:

They look a bit weird right now and im not so fond of the hats but at least its something. Hopefully Felix will listen to my request and make a chaos dwarf avatar of war. good work on getting someone to make these though.


they kinda look like totem poles


tbh they will look better when they are bulked up.

lol pyro i sent avatars of war an email to :smiley:

Pyro Stick:

they kinda look like totem poles

Thats what i thought they were at first lol. SOme kind of statue of terrain piece. Maybe the Sorcerors once they are turned to stone that are lined up along that wall/road that i cant remember?

@gil: I emailed him quite a while ago, about a month or maybe longer, and the reply i got was that the message had been forwarded to felix. Let me know what they say to you.

Kera foehunter:

i like them can’t wait to see them with arms .love the big hats


Great that they ahve big hats. But they need there arms before I amke my final judgment. Think perhaps there faces looks a little bit odd but that you could perhaps change with green stuff yourself.


they look OK so far, but not so much my cup of tea at the mpment, but I’m gonna reserve final judgement for when there finished


they look a bit tall for my liking at the minute, but thats probably just because they lack the width of arms. sculpting is failry good and the hats are blank enough to add your own iconography etc.


well ill show the sculpter this thread and work on the suggestions, they should have eye brows tbh,

Ghrask Dragh:

I like the beards alot!! the hats are OK and the faces look like masks, are they? on the whole I like these, really looking forward to seeing the arms and what options we will be getting.

:hat off trollforge, well done gIL^ on getting us some new Chaotic Dwarfs to play around with!


Pyro Stick:

The hats need to be radically changed and made taller and they need to be shorter for them to have hats in the first place.


the hats look odd to me.  i keep thinking abe lincoln.


Very very nice!!! better than the hellcannon once. Thicker mustaches would be great. When would they be available?

Kera foehunter:

i like the simple beards i might steal this idea too


ashur they will be availble in the not to distant future. maybe a month,

for price i know how much im paying but dont know how much they will be in his store,


It’s hard to judge them overall without arms as they looks a bit skinny and tall, what height are they by the way?

The one thing I definitely don’t like is the expression on their faces, the guy on the left looks very melancholy.


I guess I’m the only one here who likes just the hats…


here we go, update

they look so different and i like it

maybe immortals?

bit bigger than normal dwarfs but would look cool as immortals


Cool looking but as noted the don’t look very dwarfy to me. Need to be more stocky.