[Archive] *update 02/05*new "evil dwarf" big hats *wip*

Thommy H:

I’m afraid that the anatomy is just not up to scratch as far as I’m concerned. They don’t look…well…they don’t look ‘real’. The work on textures and details is otherwise quite decent, but the sculptor really needs to get some basic knowledge of anatomy before I’d ever buy from him.

Ghrask Dragh:

they look so different and i like it

Me too, they are too tall and slender for Dwarfs and do need to be more stocky but I do like them. They look like old Dwarfs, as in elderly.

The quality of the sculpting though is imaculate, really really smooth and just fantastic! the detail on the face is superb and the tiny detail (like the beard) is soo clean you can't be anything but impressed!! :hat off Sir
Although the logistics are wrong it is by far the best sculpting I've seen on this forum (with all due respect to others :hat).

Well done Edward Fortae  :cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’d like them if they were squashed so that they are shorter and wider with the exact same outstanding detail. They look almost like totem poles as they are taller and thinner than even American dwarfs. Sorry, but fine sculpting nonethteless.


DEfinitely need to be shorter & wider, stocky.

Kera foehunter:

i like them but. It look like there chain mail pance is falling down

maybe they are getto style???


ed was looking at this thread and he would like to thank everyone for their input this is what he said

"Hey,I wanted to update you again. I’ve got some input from the CD fourm and decided to do 3 more new dwarfs. I was a little unsure of what people were saying until now but thicker as in bigger arms, may be squater dwarfs. I’m going to make improvements on the three I sent you a link to such as eyebrows, better beards and facial hair. I’m also going to do a hard edged look to the armor and decorations on them. I love thin scroll work but maybe hard edges are what these need for the details. Anyway, got the feet done tonight and I can get most of these done in a day or two so the final tinkering will be the slower part. I’ll send you some of the shots of these as well."

so basically hes gonna finish these for the fans that like his work but hes going to make more like more classic dwarfs, so your input does work so more you comment the better he will get them

he has a unique style, but hes taking your advice and doing some more

thank you

EDIT: also please list what you would like on them?

spiky armor? dragon hides? shorter hats? let your minds run wild, maybe some art work? up to you!

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It’s great that we have found another sculptor to do some CD stuff for us.

I’m not a big fan of the skinny and tall CD’s though, I really like the other CD that Hive Trygon sculpted. I’m a big fan of his work, especially his Tyranid and Nurgle sculpts.

I hope he’ll do something more ‘Dwarfy’. Maybe some sculpts based around the Hellcannon crew, without hats, with masks and muscular arms/backs?




Thicker mustaches.

The rest is just great.I dont see ay problem with his sculpting.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Extremely cool sculpting work here. These would make nice statues on a Dark Lands battlefield. ^^

Pyro Stick:

I think all they could be used for is some kind of demon bound warrior construct thing.

Kera foehunter:

pance and a few guns so i could use them as pirates.


maybe immortals?

Will the real Slim Dawi please stand up?


Quite tall and thin. But otherwise, the sculpting is quite top notch.


agree, the models are very well done but could be a little more stocky hen now. They look to slim for my liking.


well hes doing some more so dont complain :smiley:


That stry, its awsome that he is doing something. I really like that :smiley:


update, he restarted them and took the advice, hes goin for a more gritty deamon bound big hats, so a mix of both

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Nice, love the scales. While I miss an assyrian curly beard, this might still look appropriately evil in the end. ^^


Now that really is nice. More please! I liked the old ones but they weren’t really suitable. They’d have made awesome statues at the gates of a fortress though

Thommy H:

Much better.