[Archive] Vote for the Chaos Dwarf Hero!


It’s time to do your duty as a Chaos Dwarf general! :hat

Now, like me, you probably don’t think the Chaos Dwarf Hero is the best model on the list of 25. However, no one needs your votes more than the Chaos Dwarf Hero, plus, he is a damned fine model!

And remember this puppy?

[size=xx-large]Vote Chaos Dwarfs![/size]

Cheers, :cheers

Each major country/region seems to have their own poll!
Australia - http://25th.au.warhammer.com/
Canada - http://25th.ca.warhammer.com/
France - http://25th.fr.warhammer.com/
Germany - http://25th.de.warhammer.com/
Italy - http://25th.it.warhammer.com/
Japan - http://25th.jp.warhammer.com/
Northen Europe (UK?) - http://25th.ne.warhammer.com/
Spain - http://25th.es.warhammer.com/
USA - http://25th.us.warhammer.com/

I voted in each region… haha. I also tried voting twice, it doesn’t say that you have already votes, it just says “Thanks” so I don’t know if multiple votes from the same IP address do anything, but hey, why not.


I wonder if multiple votes count i voted a few times (He is one of my favourite minis) .Shame i cant write a script to vote loads of times hehehe:hat


It is an awesome model, the hekcannon and belako lok better, but this one needs the votes:)


I’m afraid I already voted for the Hellcannon.

In point of fact, I like the Lord of Change model best, but the CDs manning the Hellcannon are fantastic.



already voted


yep supported my chaos dwarf! dunno what i would have voted for if he wasnt in the list, as you cant beat classic old school big hats!

Lord Archaon:

I voted in each region... haha. I also tried voting twice, it doesn't say that you have already votes, it just says "Thanks" so I don't know if multiple votes from the same IP address do anything, but hey, why not.
Yep, me too. It was the first thing i did when I got up.:)


I voted for him on all the websites exept one and i voted for archaon on that one as he is my favorite and so badass!

Pyro Stick:

I voted for the chaos dwarf first and then i voted for all the other models that i like (archaon, crom etc) and then i voted for the chaos dwarf hero after i ran out of other favourites.


Support for him and the hellcannon

Kera foehunter:

i voted hip hip herray!!!


Yes, a Hellcannon vote is equally good. :slight_smile: But it’s also more Chaos… so… take your pick!

Knight Of Awsome:

lol, i cant access the sever for the Italian one. oh well i still voted on the rest!


Il have to swallow my desire to vote for the Slann mage priest. Anything for recognition. It would be great that he ended in the fisrt three places by fan vote.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, he is one of my favourites anyway, so I voted for him. If all of our votes are Chaos Dwarf Lord and Hellcannon, maybe they’ll finally recognise us, eh?


Bump! Keep those votes coming guys! make our presence known!


I voted for him again today, this time on each website, CD will rule the old world


While I was at it I told them to think of all the little children they are hurting by not selling them chaos dwarfs.


Just voted I wonder if there just show 1st place or all the placings.


I’ll vote every day for the CD hero.