[Archive] Vulcanologist's Chaos Dwarf army project (Golden Hat Destroyer Entry!)


hi everyone, here’s a WIP of my 1st ever attempt at converting chaos dwarfs and also my 1st ever attempt at using green stuff! Obviously a big thank you to xander for his great video guide and massive thanks to tjub for inspiring me with his super-cool big hats! comments,critisism and advice please…cheers

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



You are well on your way to having servants of Hashut! :slight_smile:

Nice start!


Good stuff - always nice to see people having a crack at conversions. I’m looking forward to the next steps. :cheers


And now to the fun part, sculpting!:slight_smile:

Good luck in your future work!


Yay big hats :smiley: great work vulcanologist they look good already, looking forward to seeing them finished :slight_smile:


stage 2! would love to post better pictures but because i’m pretty clueless i’m really struggling how to include better images. any help would be appreciated. cheers.


Do you use a phone camera? Or a digital camera?

If you have a decent camera try to take pictures from a ditant point of view. Use a simple lamp (two is better) and take pictures from a more distant point of view. Then you could enlarge deatils with photoshop or paint…

Good job with your Dhawi Zharr. Enjoy creating the coolest Warhammer army ever :wink:


Hooray!! Praise be to Hashut!! my 1st ever chaos dwarfs are complete! Hope you all like them?!

warning pic heavy post!! some more pics of my 1st attempts:


Nice first attempt. They look really nice as a unit. What dwarfs did you use as basis? Those of the BFSP set or regular dwarf thunderers?

Can’t wait to see more of your work.

Ps. Absolutely love the lava bases.


I used thunderers box but just got bfsp for father’s day so be able to use those too. glad you like the bases great tutorial in woh2!


Great work on the blunderbusses they look great, looking forward to seeming more of them soon, keep up the good work :hat off


Great set of big hat you have there, I like different details on each of the hats.


Nice first attempts. Your lava bases are really nice man!

Da Crusha:

great looking big hats. I like the lava a lot!

Border Reiver:

Good effort. Simple conversions done well are the best - keep up your work.



Been a bit busy lately due to the birth of my son (wasn’t allowed to call him astragoth but still gonna raise him to worship the mighty Hashut!) Still managed to do my 1st character…Zor’golarth sorcerer of fire:


Oh cool wizard, great model. Love the flame effect on his hand and base. How did you do that? Just looks awesome.

Shame your son wasn’t called Astragoth, but I’m sure he’s a CD in his heart. :slight_smile:

Border Reiver:

I second the kudos for the fire on the base - can you get a clearer picture of the staff? The top looks interesting, but I can’t be sure.


Cheers guys …first attempt at fire basically just teased some green stuff into an interesting shape with some pliers had to pin the flame from the sorcerer’s finger first though. more pleased with the base painted loads of layers from scab red to pure white at the tips. sorry photos aren’t the clearest i’ll try and take some more. The staff was made from inverted dwarf engineers pincers with a banner top added simple really…infact wish i’d sculpted it into a bull now i think it looks too lizardish!


Just bout to put finishing touches to my death rocket should have some WIP pics up soon…