[Archive] Want to help design a Chaos Dwarf list?


What is this sub forum all about then?

The purpose of the ‘Warhammer Armies: Chaos Dwarfs’ sub-section is to recruit and inform people about project groups whose aim is to modify or create a complete Chaos Dwarfs army list. Also to gather feedback and playtesting information on any finished projects.

Rules for updates of single units, characters or warmachines should only be entered in the main Rules Development forum.

How can I help?

Forum members are strongly encouraged to participate in any and all of the project groups listed below. Because of the way I’m categorising them people should hopefully know exactly what they are helping in before they start.

If you fancy reading what people are working on just pop in and look at the links below. If you like what you see and fancy helping just register and start!

I�?Tm aware this sticky may appear a bit authoritative, but IMO this is the best way to get the most out of this.

Why would I want to help, don’t we have a perfectly fine list already?

Over the years I’ve read probably at least 10 fan made Chaos Dwarf lists. Some were better than others, but all had one thing in common; people who worked on them had a LOT of fun!

If we’re honest I doubt there’s anyone here who thinks the list is 100% perfect. If they do think so they obviously don’t play Chaos Dwarfs, as the list lacks the huge potential we all know it can have, and it’s not ‘officially legal’ for 7th edition Warhammer.

I’ve worked on various fan lists for Chaos Dwarfs as long as I’ve been interested in them. For me they are as much a part of the hobby as painting minis or playing games.

How will this work?

The sub forum on CDO is not the place for a forum wide effort to come up with a consensus opinion on only one update. In my experience this is somewhere between extremely unlikely and impossible.

It�?Ts also not the place for projects to only update things like the Tenderiser or Juggernaut, even if the intention is to contain these all within one volume. These sorts of updates are not representative of a �?~complete�?T list, they won�?Tt make balanced armies and that�?Ts what this sub section is for.

So from now on this section will work like this:

There are 3 categories of projects that will be included in this section. If there is a project group existing for this category the contact details will be listed below. By necessity these are outside forums. They will most likely be run by people who are also members on CDO, so if you have any questions please PM the project leader for that group.

If you want to join a group just click on the relevant link.

If you want to start a group I strongly suggest checking out the existing groups first. �?~Many hands make light work�?T the old saying goes, and its true. Having more people means more ideas, more balancing and hopefully more playtesting.

If you still decide to start a group you will need to provide a link to an outside forum where you want the work to be done. PM one of the Staff here on CDO who will add your group to the list.

Category 1. Updating the Ravening Hordes list to 7th edition only. This means keeping the list of entries (Lord, Hero, Core, Special and Rare) exactly the same. No new entries to lists from this category.

Current Project groups working on this

Ravening Hordes V.1.1

Project Leaders

Ravening Hordes V.1.1 - Thommy H

Category 2. Modifying the Ravening Hordes list (and bringing into 7th edition). This means dropping or adding anything from the list of entries (Lord, Hero, Core, Special and Rare), but essentially keeping most of the fluff and list the same. There may be new entries to lists from this category.

Current Project groups working on this


Project Leaders


Category 3. Designing a NEW 7th edition Chaos Dwarfs list. Lists from this category may be radically different to what has come before. This is worth re-emphasising; projects in this category may be very different to the Ravening Hordes list. Obviously certain elements of fluff and rules cannot be changed, but what�?Ts left in the list of entries (Lord, Hero, Core, Special and Rare) will probably be different to those in Ravening Hordes. The fluff may also be re-written virtually from scratch. Most of the entries to lists from this category will be new.

Current Project groups working on this

Forge of Hashut

Project Leaders

Forge of Hashut - Minty