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Kera foehunter:

So what are some of your project or wishes for the new year…2012

Mine are

Female dwarf army trying to get them done where the new dwarf book comes out.

More pirate ogres:hat off

My hopes that we can field more slayer

Make more War machines


So  what  are some of your project  or wishes for the new year..2012

Kera foehunter
Mines a fully painted Chaos Dwarf army ;-)


Have you seen these Kera:


Some nice minis there for sure.

I plan to paint at least 200 minis (using my method of counting models in and out), which will be a massive undertaking for me.  At least 150 of that will be skaven, some dreadfleet stuff and of course finishing off all my WF Chaos dwarfs and hobgoblin conversions.  Maybe enter golden daemon again.

So really attention wise this will be a big skaven year for me, much more so than CD. I would really like to finally get some evil dwarf models for sale though.

Kera foehunter:

Yes and i love them, kinda on the high end but easy to copy

**Wink Wink **

the captain and the Gator canon i might buy


Im going to start an old school but modern looking cd army.


Goal for 2012, atleast a 2000pts CD army. :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

  • Finally paint my unit of Titan Chaos Dwarfs that Baggranor sent me in, like, the summer or something.
  • Assemble and paint Cygor.
  • Get the new Vampire Counts book and a Terrorgheist.
  • Assemble and paint putrid horde of 60 Mantic Zombies.
  • Revel in my vampiric might for a bit.
  • Think about getting a new display case to accommodate said vampiric might.
  • Do that Chaos Mammoth project that I've been thinking about for months.
  • ???


Paiting all my current Chaos Dwarf models so I could create a full 10.000 point list! :cheers



To get a good 1000 point painted list up, then win at least 5 matches with them. Then I hope to expand my army to 1500 points.


Another unit of BBs.

To finish my bull centaurs.

Continue building my skaven horde.

Save up for some forgeworld goodies.

And keep trying to win that elusive Golden Hat medal!


ugh; I’ve spent so much, my plan is to paint what I have and resist buying stuff, with the exception of new stuff from FW.

With that said, I am planning on painting:

50 Hobgoblins

20 CDs with handweapons

10 Hobgob Wolfriders

FW Bale Taurus

FW Skull Cracker

rebasing all my old BFSP CDs onto the lava bases I’ve been making

From a CD perspective, anyway. I paint fairly quickly, so I’m also planning on finishing up my Necrons, Grey Knights, Blood Angels, Warriors of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos, Skaven, and Dreadfleet. Maybe too ambitious, but if I can stop myself from buying new things, I should be able to do it… (I painted 40 models over the last two weeks, but I was also on Christmas break from work/college)


I’m going to experiment with some stuff called Blu Stuff, and use it to help me build IG with blunderbuss from the Forge World models. Beyond that, who knows…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Try to change the store that I work in to give me more time at home and spending less money travelling.

Try to get an army painted to a nice (by my level) standard.


My Plan for 2012.

1. Paint more minis

2. Re-arrange (and de-clutter) my painting area.

3. Create (build or buy) some sort of “display” cabinet

4. Start sculpting with green-stuff

5. Paint a whole army (either Dwarfs, Empire or Chaos Dwarfs)

6. Produce some painting tutorials


I plan to paint my 1980’s chaos dwarfs. Told myself I cannot buy new miniatures until I have painted the aprox. 30 unpainted ones and the tenderiser I have lying around.

Other than that I might give another go at trying to sculpt a few miniatures. All my other projects ended in vain so maybe this year I might produce 1 or 2 miniatures that are actually finished.


Paiting all my current Chaos Dwarf models so I could create a full 10.000 point list! :cheers


2nded. only a skullcracker to go!


  1. Finish the freaking Royal Guard and get them cast up.

    2. Do some Goblins.

    3. Do some Skellies for the new VCs.

    4. Crush all before me with the new VCs.

    5. Build and paint my Skullcracker and ID.

    6. Do more artwork.

    7. Move house.

    8. Paint my Dark Elves. Seriously.


I’m planning Skaven. Have a bunch tunnelling their way to me as we speak.

I should also be finishing a PhD. Not liking my odds on either.


I should also be finishing a PhD. Not liking my odds on either.

Me too... I feel your pain.


Pick up the remaining stuff I want for my Chaos Dwarf army from Forgeworld.

Build a Gondor army for WoTR.

Build an Uruk Hai army for WoTR.

Try my hand at making some more terrain for War of the Ring.

Sell off some of my old figures that I just don’t use anymore.