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Well i thought i’d make a gallery for y’all showing my work, right from the beggining to now!

I will update accordingly, so if i have something new it will be on here!

My first ever sculpt,about feb last year, even then most of it was plastic, the arms were off a toy dinosaur!

My attempt at Nakai ,this was my pride and joy for ages…until someone dropped it…:~

My first ever CD sculpt…

My entry to golden hat II methinks…

My CD sorcerer

Zhatan the Black

My female engineer

Bull Centaur Hero

A CD lord

A BC Standard/Army standard bearer

Another CD hero

A CD lord

A CD i did for a commisison

A strigoi vampire

And then my slann

Keep tuned for updates!


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Thats quite a collection you got there, mate. Luv the strigoi and Chaos Dwarf Lord.


Pyro Stick:

Its amazing to see how much you have improved over time. Your latest CD lords are great pieces of work.

Ghrask Dragh:

:hat off mate!


It’s getting better and better :hat off - You are a talented young man WarplockM.


Interesting to see the chronological progression of your work.

My favourite is actually the Kroxigor (but then I play Lizardmen as well, so I may be biased). I hope you hurt the person who dropped it.


The strigoi vampire is the best strigoi I’ve ever seen. And that’s though I wasn’t a fan of your sculpts in the beginnings. Imo, You should however have added eyelids and removed the skin string from the right elbow.


- Kyte


That strigoi is great, twould look great as a vargulf which i guess is what strigio’s have become.


I hope you hurt the person who dropped it.

Don't worry my friend....they got what was coming to them...i chained them up in my attic with a bucket of fish heads a week, along with tallhat and elvis presley...

I do have updates, but unfortunatley i have 'misplaced' my camera (i didn't loose it, it lost me, well thats what i have told my parents...)

Basically a fat skink (my fluff is that hes from the dragon ilses and, without slann, some of the more powerful skink priests have took thier place in the hierarchy) and a saurus with the sacred spawning or quetzil!

Stay tuned!


As i promised an update!

My fat skink

And here is my experimental saurus of Quetzil, i have always wanted to make a unit of these, but it would be a too lengthy process ¬_¬



You are quickly becoming a Pro! Lovely work!

Time to make a youTube video!


That skinks inspired, fluff wise and the sculpting. I hate posting twice in such close succession on the same thread but hell its just too cool.

Ghrask Dragh:

Experimental saraus looks amazing! :hat off


That skink is indeed very fat! And great. I like it a lot. The saurus is very nice too, much better than an unaltered one imo. You should make all of your saurus look like that! :slight_smile: Never mind how long it would take!


Thankyou muchly for all the positive comments! :smiley:

Xander - A pro you say? :o And what sort of videos do you think i should make?

Ingrown - Thanks for the comment, i’m rapidly thinking of making a dragon ilses style lizzie army, with the skink representing a slann, thing is it would take me forever, because i like to spend a long time into a model to make it my own…I have never completed an army before!

I really want to make a whole unit of Quetzil saurus, but i dont think they will all be as good as that one, he could be the unit champion or something :stuck_out_tongue:

I need a new idea for my lizardmen army, anyone got any? :stuck_out_tongue:



A video that shows the steps you take when sculpting a mini!


I really like your Lizardman themed conversions - just awesome! Now I’m tempted to go back and take a few of my Liz projects off hiatus after seeing these. I was working on an aquatic army from sunken Chupalotl, but it got side tracked with all the finicky resin casting.

Great work! :cheers


GRNDL - Oh wow i have ALWAYS wanted to do that…but i never thought i would have the patience to do all those fins :stuck_out_tongue:

You will have to put up pictures…and in return i will post my pics of the command for my WIP unit of Quetzil saurus…i think thats a fair trade…:smiley:


GRNDL - Oh wow i have ALWAYS wanted to do that..but i never thought i would have the patience to do all those fins :P

You will have to put up pictures...and in return i will post my pics of the command for my WIP unit of Quetzil saurus...i think thats a fair trade...:D

Hehhee, ok, I will, but don't get too excited. I have only two prototype models done that I used to get the molds going and when I had trouble with air bubbles disrupting the details the project lost enthusiastic momentum, but you are welcome to what I have done. I'll take some pics for you.

re: Lizardman army

Well, aside from the Chupalotl one, I've always had a hankering for using the Lord Kroak model to helm a Lizardman VC army... Undead lizards.. :) I had hoped to use the lizard skeleton models from that old Regiment of Reknown set. But alas, its always remained an idea, rather than a project. Who knows, though, with the new VC army book out next month, it might be worthwhile.


An update!

After much umming and ahhing, i decided that my goal is to make a whole unit of these bad boys…because it would look cool and i have no other ideas! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have decided to make my first saurus the unit champion, so that it gives me an excuse not to give the rest of the unit as many scales!

Waddya think?

GRNDL - Now…i have come up with the goods…now you must!

About the VC lizzies…I heard there was a guy who did that, he used horse skeletons as a basis for some skeletal saurus, although i heard for a unit of 16 it cost him over £50 and he eventually went insane… although im not too sure of the last bit…

Would be damn cool though!