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Well guys…since i havnt really posted on here, i thought ‘hey why not?’ :stuck_out_tongue:

With the new Lizardmen book coming out and all, i decided to finally try and make up an army!

There isn’t much so far…but ill show you what i have already, and will post up all my up-dates here! (as you usually do in a blog :P)

Here are a few god-awful pics to show you so far…will get better ones tomorrow when its light :wink:

My first unit of saurus, and some skinks:

My Temple Guard (will be increasing this unit to 20)

My Slann (counts-as unit filler, slann plus 8 templeguard)

And my Engine of the Gods

On the WIP bench, my terradons, based on this real-life terrasaur, the Tapejara:

So guys, what do you think?

- Warplock


nice, love the slann. good luck with the tapajeras

the sauruses had a nice pose! Looks like they are being charged.


Do you really want to know what I think. All right lets break it down.

Saurus warriors and skinks: Very nice. Origianally thought it need more done on the bases but now noticed how you have them and looks good.

Temple Guard: Very small unit but looks good none the less. Definitly need to add more.

Slann: You really converted this dude up. I’d of personally not have had it take up an extra 8 temple guard spaces but thats just me. Though I must say I love how you have the saurus warriors carring him around. Will be attempting something like that for mine (when ever I get to it).

Engine of the gods: HOLY CRAP! HOLY CRAP! HOLY CRAP! I can only say that looks sweat…and BIG.

Terradons: Of to a good start.

So all around every thing gets an A+. So what else do you have planned besides the terradons and additional temple guard? Saurus cav, more stegadons, jungle swarms, carnosaur?


That Engine of the gods looks amazing. What did you use to build it. I think the tewrradons are going to look real nice when done. My jaw dropped at the sight of the engine. Really Nice


nice slann

all your minis look well painted

the engine of the gods is great,did you used a stegodon as ase for this dino?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I really love the whole look of your army overall. The colours are terrific and the dinos look beautiful.

I would love to see all these guys in their jungle setting. I bet that would look glorious!


Meh, I was expecting more. :stuck_out_tongue: Still, you have more Saurus’ painted than I do… Well, close to it anyway. I hate painting those guys. I like the paintjob on the terradons, simple yet effective. Where’s all your sculpted heroes?

Kera foehunter:

*kera pounds her head on the table * Warplock !! kera screams !!!

You just can’t do something simple!!!

they look great !!

Kera get money for a plane ticket to start stalking warplock!!

to find out if he has elves in his basemant that make his stuff


GRNDL: The terradons aint painted yet mate…they have only just started to be sculpted! :wink:

Kera: Why do you need to stalk me? You should come over, and we can drink rum and whip slaves!

Hazkar/WoodenPickles: The dino is just about scratch built, i used a stegadon head though…could we see that as cheating? And the howda is made from alaod of stuff i pilliaged from a Konversion Klinic at GW HQ…shhhh :wink:

- Warplock


GRNDL: The terradons aint painted yet mate...they have only just started to be sculpted! ;)


Well, that's the joke, innit? I'm thinking its the best paint job you've done. :) Har har har... Yuk Yuk Yuk.
Hmph, tough room.


The dino is just about scratch built, i used a stegadon head though...could we see that as cheating? And the howda is made from alaod of stuff i pilliaged from a Konversion Klinic at GW HQ...*shhhh* ;)

- Warplock

Wow that is amazing, The legs, stomach and tail are all just beautiful did you sculpt th espikes on the back of his neck as well. I think I'll join kera in stalking you.


Right, here are some better pictures:

First up, my skink skirmishers:

And the saurus unit

And hot off the sculpting bench, my completed (minus paint job) terradon riders

So what do you think guys?

- Warplock


Very cool looking guys. Starting to think I might want to try something like that myself. Can’t wait to see them painted.


Saurus still look great. Nice to see you got the front ranks with the spears lowered… plus they don’t stick out in front too much. :slight_smile:

The terradons are looking good too! Can’t way to see the final product.

Kera foehunter:

Well i guess i don’t think!!! hum! * as kera just hears air noise!! * nice back yard


I really like your terradons… Great sculpting as always! :slight_smile:


Well guys, im afraid this is a model-less update ducks barrage of rotten fruit, shoes and empty beer cans

I had my first ever game with my army, only 500pts, but a game all the same! :smiley:

My list was:

Saurus Scar Veteran - LA - Shield =92pts

17 Saurus Warriors - FC- Spears = 234pts

10 Skink Skirmishers = 70pts

3 Terradon Riders - Brave = 90pts

TOTAL = 494 pts

I was playing against one of the blue-shirts who work in my local GW, he was playing dwarves, with a unit of shield/HW warriors, an organ gun, a load of handgunners and a thane.

Needless to say ladies and gentlemen, this guy must have the WORST dice-luck i have ever seen…and i think it was this, and not my tactically amazing maneuvers that won the day :wink: His organ gun took out 3 skinks before it misfired, and then having its crew killed by the angry surviors! I would draw up aload of diagrams to show how the game progressed…but i really cannot be bother for such a short game, needless to say i got quite a few rear charges with my Terradons, and only suffered minor casualties due to fire from the handgunners. All his models were killed at the end of the game, with only the loss of 5 skinks, 5 saurus and 2 terradons, all from shooting!

The lessons i learnt from this short skirmish:

1. Big blocks of saurus are GOOD, especially with a potential 20 attacks on the defend using spears

2. Terradons are good for out-maneurvering clunky dwarves, but i suffered heavily from fire from the handgunners, the last rider almost fleeing the board, so bigger units maybe, or maybe even another unit of 3

Anyway, onto my next little item…

Whilst attempting to do my French homework, like any good artist my mind wanders (my teachers call it ‘daydreaming’, i call it ‘creative-mind expansion’ ;))…and i was thinking about my General. As much as i love my Fat Frog…i thought maybe in some lists i would want some BITE. So obviously an Old Blood on a Carnie…but me being Warplock…i wasnt content with the out-of-the-box model…

Then i thought, i want my army to be as colourful as possible, with lots of opportunities to use colours not usually seen in the Warhammer World. I also like feathers, they are a way to bring colour to said models, and i try to put them on as many models as i can,hence the reason for doing the Terradons. And then my friends, that blessed light known to all as inspiration dawned…, using the nearest bit of paper i could find, which happened to be on the back of my homework sheet, i quickly scribbled down my idea…

I present to you, the Coatlsaur!

This bad boy is going to be based on the metal carnosaur, with quite a few modifications…i know i should be working on the bulk of my army…but when an idea like this pops up, you just cannot put it aside! :stuck_out_tongue:

So then guys, what do you think?

- Warpy Baby


Interesting idea.

I’ve seen some really cool ideas from other artists who’ve drawn stuff like that. Their was even one guy I say years back(like when I was in sixth grade) who drew some really cool dinosaurs.

Also why would you want to buy the carnosaur model to built off of when you could scratch build the whole thing rider and all. We all know you have the skill to do it.

Edit: Found the guy. His name is Todd Marshall. Here: http://images.google.com/images?sourceid=navclient&rlz=1T4ADBR_enUS309US309&q=todd%20marshall%20dinosaur&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi


Awesome work Warplock. I’m loving you army! The conversions/sculpts are top notch and the painting is outstanding too. You army is inspiring.


Well guys, a quick update:

A model i have just finished, the Scar Veteran and general of my army so far, Boq-Qua

And work on the Coatlsaur so far, dont worry guys, i didnt BUY the metal model, a mate of mine gave me it a few years ago for free when he found out Warhammer wasnt ‘cool’

- Warplock