[Archive] What does everyone want?


I not going to say if - I’m going to say when the Chaos Dwarf book comes out what units would you want to see?

I want to see more actual CD units not just axemen, blunder buss and centaurs.

they may even have some form of corupted dwarf units!

ace war machines?

some cool special characters would be great. (special characters = ace models)

Model wise some great lord and hero models on a par with the normal dwarfs

what evey one else want?


Flying lammasu knights!

Big, monster sized bull centaur lord.

Scary bull daemon/incarnation of Hashut - like the Red Bull from the Last Unicorn! Seriously, this would be so awesome.

Mad Max buggy-type lightcav/warmachine - slower than gyrocopter, but with bigger gun! That breathes fire/explodes/has some kind of meatgrinding attack like the steam tank except with choppy bits.

Chaos Dwarfs find religion! Hashut + profit motive = priest caste and Dark Apostle/Chaplain characters

This should do.

Uzkul Werit:

The only two units I would like to see would be Immortals (we really need that elite infantry unit) and Sneaky Gitz that skirmish and scout.


ummmm, don’t we have a subforum for this, I was sure we did


I’d like to see berserkers, rocketeers, immortals and iron golems (40mm based machines).

I don’t think we need a new special character, but a complete rethink of Astragoth, Zhatan and Gorduz.


I’d love a review on the lamassu and some cool immortal rules too.

Ghrask Dragh:

It would be great if someone could come up with some decent rules for the Lammasu to make it worth it’s points!

Immortals are a must have!


Most definatley Immortals, Sneaky Gits, and Chaos Dwarfs with rocket packs like the Orks of 40k as first priority. Some more crazy war-machines. Maybe even mech-suit/robot type things that look partially goblin built/partially dwarf built/partially magick’ed together.

The Flying Beaver:

Check out my Lammasu rules!

The main thing I want has already been stated by Grimstonefire: Iron Golems! Whether they’re big sculptures brought to life with magic, bizarre contraptions of clockwork and hydraulics, or maybe even a little daemon-powering, I want big mindless slaves to smash my foes!




Credit goes to GeOrc for this amazing Iron Golem, or “Battlerager” as he calls it.

(edited by Grim) :wink:


The old CD units must return with improved models

Some new special/rare unit. Immortals, hellcannon, golems and kollosus sound good. But there look is the never ending hat/mask debate.

Astragoth !!!

Pyro Stick:

I want to see revised versions of the Juggernaut, Whirlwind and Tenderiser. That would be awesome

The Dark One:

i would mainly like BIG HATS, even if they made it optional to have either hats or masks. other than that pretty much how it is in the ravening horde list. they can get rid of the orc and goblin units (not hobgoblins)

maybe a toned down earthshaker ro make it more points


I like Big hats too, but I really don’t think that GW will model them like that. I mean, all the armies are getting new looks, and one of the reasons CDs failed was because most people thought the big hats looked kind of stupid.


The Flying Beaver:

I just thought I’d point out that the Chaos Dwarf drawing you can see in the top-right corner of the page, you know, the one with the big hat, was made for the 7th edition rulebook. Will every chaos dwarf have a big hat? Doubtful. Are they to be abolished? Doubtful.


I’d like to see Astragoth in a big mech (oblitorator-like) suit on a 40mm base, some immortals and a plastic hero box along with mechanical mounts.


- Kyte


Everyone always wants something different. Lammasu Knights seems like a good way to use the Lammasu to me!

How is the rulebook coming along? I see lots of idea but no decisions. Is there a schedule on when/how the decisions will be made?


I would like to see them with the ability to have demonic slave units.

I think this makes sense fluff-wise as after the Black Orc rebellion the CD sorcerors would have been looking for a way to bulk up their armies that didn’t rely on more Greenskins.


i love big hats and i cannot lie

mainly imortals the hobgoblins definatley, a cd version of slayers would be cool, but not neccicary:- but projct vengance outwards not inwards, maybee golems, id say asrogath should stay and the other 2 maybee but i hope we see somthing new about them


I want Lammasu to be a little more like their real world counterparts: worshipped, sentient, powerful demi-gods. I just think such a historically significant creature shouldn’t be relegated to mount status.

I also think Astrogoth needs to make a comeback in a big way.

Volcanic magic and more volcanically themed special weapons.

Slave chaos-dragons? Hehehehe…


Bullcentaurs as special choices, wolfriders 5+units, magic items, bazookas, Astragoth, bigger and better (or just better) Lammasu, a Kollosus or golem unit.

and BIG HATS, of course.