[Archive] What is an Informer?


With the recent focus on the Border Town Burning warbands, and possible GH6 painting competition for either warbands or the Gaoler, I thought it would be prudent to discuss exactly what an Informer IS.

Dictionary.com defines Informer simply as a person who informs against another, esp. for money or other reward.

Border Town Burning provides the following lore for Chaos Dwarf Warband, Informer: “For those imprisoned in the foundaries of Zharr-Naggrund, the fires of industry burn night and day. There is little reward for a spy, only deceitful promises of freedom. Lies are enough to motivate these treacherous informants into betraying their own kind for small dispensations”. Also included is a special rule for Informers which reads “Drudgery: Informers have had their will broken by their masters and may never become Heroes”.

So my question is to the community: How would we like to collectively portray Informers? The movement rate is 4 for Informers, so presumably they are greenskin captives or the like, but do we want to have some sort of standard for what race captives we portray, or leave it completely open irregardless of geographical plausibility?

I think that some basic discussion on the direction this community would like to take Informers would be highly beneficial, and is an excellent opportunity for us to help mold the shape of Chaos Dwarf incursion into Mordheim via the good people at

Border Town Burning.


Certain races would be better informers than others, but I don’t think it would be restricted to greenskins.

Humans and skaven would make good informers.


I think that stat line is pretty much the same as a human, so therefore the same as a hobgoblin. Im sure it has been left vague on purpose to let people use their own imagination. a few i think would be suitable are

*sneaky hobgoblin

*sneaky goblin/gnoblar

*traitorous human

*diplomatic skaven

I suppose you cold say in your own warband that they are possibly not slaves but hired. I know skaven put a high price on information, and have the tunnel network to supply it. Humans can turn sides at the sight of gold. I cant really see any of the elvish races here, but they would never work for dwarves (chaos or not) in the first place.

The same said i think lizardmen are too far out geographically, ogres are too big for that stat line, same with orcs/black orcs. And its definately not going to be any of the undead.

Id personally go with hobgoblins just to be ‘old school’ but i think due to the location of the game some cathayan or nipponese humans would be cool.

Kera foehunter:

Skavens they are already RATS!!! You can’t trust them


Given the statline and the fluff, I’d say human, skaven or hobgoblin make the most sense.

Hashut’s Blessing:

From the description it sounds as though they are more akin to a slave in the mines, keeping their slavemasters updated on escape plans etc. Some of them may be relaying information from other areas of the world, but then it’d be less of an idea of them winning freedom as they are already far away. I think any race could fit this role, except normal dwarfs (wouldn’t help their “traitor” kin.), maybe high elves and wood elves, maybe lizardmen. Otherwise, any of them if it’s in the slave pits or humans, skaven, dark elves, greenskins, Norsemen/Marauders, beastmen perhaps if it’s in the greater world. Personally, for the competition, I’m going to have it as a greenskin.


Yes they are definitely slaves, as it says they have had their will broken (in the special rules part).

As an update, in the Characteristic Increase portion of the Black Dwarfs rules, it provides the following additional input: “Informers are a mixture of races, half breeds, and mutants”.

So there you have it, even more creative possibility!

This would be a fun opportunity to make some more liberal mutations, and half breeds is an almost entirely unexplored niche in citadel gamin to my knowledge.

Good times.


Informer?  A leaky bum-bum now…

Sorry, white rappers can be very funny.

Shouldn’t it be “informant”?


Informer? A leaky bum-bum now...
Sorry, white rappers can be very funny.

Shouldn't it be "informant"?

You would have to take that up with the creative minds at Border Town Burning.

turquois dwarf:

i think any race with movement 4 bar lizardmen and elves.

maybe some of the faster races could be chained up so they are slower :slight_smile:


mixed race chaotic spawny pathetic humobgoblins . . . that sounds pretty cool. clearly they will have some of the influence of warpstone. hopefully not sniffing the stuff off of hookers . .

turquois dwarf:

hee hee hee

starving slave finds some warpstone “whats this shiney rock? wonder what it tastes like” slave scoffs warpstone “hmm thats nice feels a little odd ARRGH!!” turns into scrawny spawn thing

now i have to make one with warpstone drool coming from his mouth :slight_smile:


I can imagine the CD’s having a network of informers throughout the old world, keeping tabs on who’s doing what in order to plan the next slave raid/ambush etc.


I would say a race wich is fast so that the can inform de CD quick.


Lots of good options for sure, lets hope people get motivated to put together a few of these models (which can easily double as slaves for your WARHAMMER army lists.