[Archive] What is happening with Chaos?


What is going on with this army. I’ve been off the forums for a while and keep hearing a variety of different stuff. Hoping I can clarify this here.

What I’ve gathered so far is: Two daemon books out in March/April for WFB and 40K. The Daemon list will be entirely seperate from mortals and beasts, and there will be a “get-you-by” list for Mortals in WD. The general impresion is that Daemons will be damn hard whilst Beasts and Mortals will be Nerfed. A new mortal book will be out in November.

Other sources say that there will instead be a WD article detailing how to include the new daemons in a mortal or beastman army. The hordes book will keep going until november when there will be a new “mortals” book. All three books will stay compatable, but there is disagreement on the extent.

Can anyone clarify?


yeah the centre situation… according to the 'Ard Boyz Tourney rulez…


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