[Archive] What was the last thing you bought in a GW store and when?


Inspired by what nitro posted in the O&G thread and to save it going off topic too much.

The last thing I bought was Zombieslayer back in november I think.  Before that it was the 7th ed Skaven army book, so early last year?

Before that would have been the black orcs whenever they came out.


Back in 2003 in the Chester store in the uk,
I bought some static flock and some snow flock - still unused actually!
Also I think I recall buying a model in a blister, but I can’t recall what it was.


I’ve only been in an actual Games Workshop store once. Completely by chance, we were visiting friends in Connecticut and we went to a mall to eat. I wandered around with my friend and low and behold a giant space marine was guarding the entrance to a narrow storefront. Couldn’t believe my eyes… It must have been around when Battle For Skull Pass came out… that’s what I bought… about $50… So my last, and ONLY purchase at a GW store. I think it was around 2006…


My last purchase at a GW store was probably 2003 or 2004, and it would have been either Empire free company, Empire Great Swords or a blister pack of metal Black Orcs… can’t remember which. I’ve only been to a GW store maybe 5-6 times since then and wouldn’t have purchased anything. I find the experience of visiting their stores unpleasant. The sales pressure is a little too strong and the staff at every GW store I’ve ever been to are generally socially awkward & arrogant know-it-alls. I’ve not benefited one iota from any of their stores hobby/gaming expertise. Waste of time IMHO



With only one store in my country, I’m not there very often. It’s actually closer to go to another country’s capital for the GW store there.:o

I think the last time was in 2005 in Glasgow. Bought a LotR blister to paint for a diorama I made as a present for a friend and his gf (now wife) when they moved into their apartment.


1998 four dark eldar battalions at £160 Jain Zar at £7 Dark elf sorceress at £4 and 18 howling bashees £30 2 cans of dark angels green paint a new paintbrush a pot of mithril silver a por of chaos black a pot of skull white a pot of fleshwash and 2 tubes of superglue and oddly a copy of the rulebok I got thrown in free as it was a demonstration rulebook and had had a member of staffs coffee cup ring upon it and it was a quiet day with me being the only customer. I think the total cost of £220 after I played a demo game with the stores 1500 point dark eldar army I just had to have one.


I think… for me it was the LoTR Return of the King boxed game… although, I may have stopped in and picked up a white dwarf since then. Although, since WD stopped publishing any scenery articles (other than those of the 'Look! We painted <



Did you keep the receipt or something? Either that or you have an incredible memory!


Did you keep the receipt or something?  Either that or you have an incredible memory!

Haha I have a wonderfull long term memory, My short term is pretty bad ;) I still have the army and the rulebook together in my garage but the thing that sticks in my mind was the manager giving me the 40k rulebook for free not to mention the decimation that a dark eldar army caused at the time because it was quite unusual to own one quite so big.

Da Crusha:

the last thing I bought from a gw store was a vampire counts spearhead, Im not sure how long ago that was but it was right after its release. Now I buy everything from either my FLGS at a discount or on ebay.


If a brick and mortar gw store: paintbrush and paints.

Brick and morter store carrying gw stock: metal bases, andmagnetic strip.

Last non hobby supply purchase at brick and mortar store: 36 Chaos Warriors out of consignment (assembled and not).

Counting GW website? Preorder on Orc book and magic cards.

Blue in VT:

First, last, and only time I’ve been in a GW store was while researching my Master Thesis in Kew at the Public Records Office outside of London. I bought the newly released box set DoW Long Drong Slayers Pirates…the year was 1996 (7?).

ahhh…the good old days!

:hat off



I bought the latest rulebook from them. I couldn’t wait for it… :S


In december 2010 - I bought some paints.

I cannot remember that I bought any models in a GW store ever - only via post (back in the 80th and early 90th) and mail order!



Last week i went into GW chester and bought 3x packs mixed square bases £5.10 ea , 2xpacks of round 60mm round bases £2.55 ea and 4xchariotbases £2.55 each.

£25.50 on bases on the following projects to re-vamp old minis.

Square bases for pre-slotta chaos warriors,undead,giants,trolls and D&D adventurers.

Round bases for chaos daemons demon princes

Chariot bases for heralds of tzeentch for chaos daemons .Yeah 40k army but what can you do.

Hundreds of old minis stripped now to give them some loving :hat

Hashut’s Blessing:

On Thursday. Needed some Thraka Green wash and it was near the cinema, so we popped in, got it and left. My girlfriend wanted to look at the Wood Elf book, but they didn’t have it.


I actually think it was some paint I needed painting my Dystopian War fleet, so about a month ago.


Last thing I bought was some skaven plaguemonks to convert into hobgoblins. Been to thestore since to get model to use for golden hat 14 but they didn’t have it. In fact they didn’t carry any of the range of that army…perhaps they’re going the way of the chaos dwarfs!


Hundreds of old minis stripped now to give them some loving :hat

te-he. :hat off


New Warp-lightening Cannon and 2x Drill thingys on what ever day it was they were released.