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Now this is just a little bit of fun but what was your first warhammer army?.

My first army was a very coherent looking force huge bulk of it was made out of the huge mainstay of the BATTLEMASTERS :stuck_out_tongue: boxed set.

Ah yes the memories of all 20 beastmen 25 beastmen 20 of my chaos warriors the 12 chaos knights (two boxed sets of battlemasters and I used the empire knights as chaos knights too :P) A chariot I built out of the cannon from the battlemasters game with two of the chaos warriors from the heroquest game riding it.

The HeroQuest Against the Ogre Horde ogres with 10 ogres in total the battlemasters ones as a champion and standard bearer respectivly in each of the 2 regiments.

Yes I got 2 boxes of battlemasters one off a freind for £5 who got it brougth for him by a aunt for christmas but wasnt interested in warhammer nor the cheap battlemasters alternative. The against the ogre horde was also found in a local toy shop who had thousands of copies of the expansion for £2.99 which wasnt bad for 6 ogres.

I painted them all a lovely almost purplish blue metalic and I was using a high elf swordmaster model as Aekold hellbrass at one point and I had a chaos mage from the heroquest game as my magic user.

What was you guys first army ?

Thommy H:

Blood Angels (although technically I painted my first Space Marines in a mix of the four main Chapters…) . My first Warhammer army was Bretonnians, because that’s what I got in the box. Those models still make up the core of my current Bretonnian army, actually.


High Elfs for me. I remember looking through pretty much every army back then, saving the pictures they had on their homepage, which wasn’t quite the SELL! SELL! SELL! it is now back in -98/99. Taking them home sitting and looking at them. Of course I kinda liked them all.

Why I didn’t pick CDs then and had a cool OOP army now I’ll never know…

Though I didn’t quite get into it all until I started my CSM army in 99/00 and got properly involved in the club.


My first models were the mono pose gretchins,

dear god did I paint those badly.

First army was Empire (which I still have 90% of)


High Elves for me. Mono pose spearmen and archers. CD’s came next


Damn I remember those old high elves they were so so bad. How many of you guys swapped out the goblins with a freind to double the size of your army ?


I started with warriors of chaos (to bad CD wasn’t there anymore when I started).


CDs were my first army. If I’d taken a bit more time to think about it I probably would have gone for Dark Elves. Later I bought a few O&G models just because I liked them.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Chaos here, although I didn’t have a clue what was happening and when I realised the armies etc, I bought a crap-load of stuff and to this day haven’t painted all of the army box :wink:


Dark Elves for me. My first love in Warhammer game.

Well actually I have only two armies… Darkies and Chaos Dwarfs.

I actually have enough Orcs and goblins to create an army but never wanted to do so… dunno why.


For 40k it was ultra marines and for warhammer it was dwarfs i think not 100% sure as it might have been empire


My first army was Airfix british-french plastic napoleonics my fist GW stuff was undead. And Orks in 40k

Blue in VT:

I guess I would say that my first real army was dwarfs…almost all of which I still and have greatly added to in the last year or so. that said I owned portions of everything that was available…most of my “armies” were based off the ancient Warhammer regiments box set that came with 10 each plastic Dwarfs, Orcs, Gobbos, Wood Elfs, Dark Elfs and skaven…i had at least 30 of each…eventually I traded off the WE and O&G and started working in metal command sections…then slowly replacing the plastic with metal…I now have 21 plastic dwarfs and everything else is metal!

for 40k…I had a Rogue Trader SM force which I used a few times…and am selling now. For collecting reasons only I’ve been gathering a RT CSM force over the last couple of months…they are going to be fun to paint!




My first army were Orcs & Goblins. This was back in 5th ed so chaos dwarfs were there as well but i didn’t go for them at that time. O&G got my attention because of their variety. As a fantasy fan i thought that I want as many types of fantastic creatures in my army that i can get and the O&G book was the only one that had two races in the title :D. The next army i played was Dogs of War but i quickly abandoned it (though i still own some regiments of renown). And the last army that got my attention were the chaos dwarfs. They are now one of the two armies that I posses (the other being my first love O&G).


Dark Elves, back in 4th edition. I moved onto Chaos and Skaven then VCs and CDs and now back to DEs again. Yeah, I like baddies.

Golder Goldeater:

Why dwarfs of course! I am currently repainting them. That’s why I don’t come up with CD very often :frowning:


My first army was the space marine 6mm figures space marines (and squats simultaneously)  Then I started 40K  (I think that’s the order)  with Space Marines… I started my own chapter the Space Tigers…  and painted them black with white stripes… then I got into Fantasy with the 4th edition box set and collected Dwarfs and orcs and goblins simultaneously…  I know have:  40K: Tyranid, Orks, and 2 Space Marines (Dark Angels and Space Wolves) Amries.  Fantasy: Chaos Dwarfs, Beastmen, Chaos Warriors (thank you battlemasters), Orcs and Goblins, Undead (never updated from 4th edition), dwarfs, bretonnian, and empire (again - thank you battlemasters :cheers)

I still have all the Epic space marine stuff… I’ve been tossing around attempting to play it again soon…  I’ll have to dig out those card board buildings…


Chaos Dwarfs. Way back at the end of 7th Edition :wink:

… no, seriously. That’s true.


My 1st army was 4edition empire. Thought they looked really cool at the time. Still got some and the painting now looks terrible! Moved onto chaos dwarfs next then dark elves then orcs and goblins and now finally back to chaos dwarfs!


It actually was Chaos Dwarfs back in the mid 90s…