[Archive] Who's actually seen the new Trek movie?


After how bad Nemesis was… and I’d rate it on “Battlefield Earth” level… I’m very hesitant with the new movie.

I know it has Romulans in it, which I like (as I thought they were cool)… but still… I just can’t get over how bad Nemesis was… it sucked more than the most massive black hole in the universe. It consumed souls.

So I know Xander said it was good, and I trust him… but despite my trust… I’m so wary that I need multiple people saying it was good.


I don’t remember Nemesis being that bad, although I can barely remember a single thing in it.

Looks like the new one has a lot of people who like it, I’ll have to wait a week until I can see it.

Kera foehunter:

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell me like to see this


I heard there’s people in it too! Also, I think it’s science fiction! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Kera, had to tease…


Actually I heard its a primarily an action movie and does not fulfil the pre-requisites of science fiction.

Kera foehunter:

No romance

mmmmmmmmmm young Captain Kirk Pluss he has a Star SHIP !!!


As long the Klingons go extinct… I’ll be happy. I always hated them.


I didn’t think Nemesis was that bad. I do agree that it lacked what the others had, but wasn’t horrible.

All I can say about the new one is, well…you have to see it. I don’t want to give anything away. All I will say is that I liked it very much.


Actually I heard its a primarily an action movie and does not fulfil the pre-requisites of science fiction.

I saw it last night. Definitely an action movie, although now I want to know precisely what the pre-requisites of science fiction are ;)

As for its relationship with Nemesis or any of the Next Gen movies, there really isn't any. It's a prequel, yes? Whole new cast who are playing the original star trek crew (ie kirk spock mccoy etc). So if anything, comparisons should be made to The Wrath of Khan, or the Undiscovered Country. Also new team of writers and so on. And JJ Abrams directed - he of Cloverfield, Lost, Fringe, and so on. So that's definitely new.

Anyways, yes it was good, although not *great* imo. Definitely well made, well acted, well directed. I take some issue with their attempt to make it "canon," which frankly I couldn't care less about but I get that the star trek fans want continuity and so on. Entertaining popcorn movie - won't change your life, and not without its flaws.


Science Fiction, by definition, is a story/material whose idea rides upon a scientific premise or idea to such a degree that if you were to remove that concept, there wouldn’t be a story. Ie, it is central to the purpose of the story. Sci-Fi is generally a story that is set against a scientific or futuristic backdrop, but not necessarily reliant on it.

The original Star Trek movie is science fiction - the idea being that aliens discover human spacecraft and attempt to find the civilization behind it.

Trek, in general, prides itself on its “science fiction” attitude rather than Sci-Fi, but I’m tempted to believe that this new version of Trek is sci-fi and not science fiction.


i just finished watching it… This magical thing happened… the theater must have shot it through a prism or something as it appeared on my screen… I was impressed with the storyline… I wish is was a little more trek like (i.e. less an action flick) but it was ok… I liked how they expanded the whole Kirk story going back into his pre captain days.

As far as nemesis… It was the Last Nail in the Coffin… but really… The CBS CEO was waiting with the hammer… Part of the problem is that they used John Logan’s script and story… It was ANCIENT. I think it was orginally posed back in the TNG days as a Season end/start cliffhanger. which explains how half way through the movie it hits the high climax then dwindled down before coming back for a short cresendo. I was Rather disappointed with it… Think about it… they made Picard out to be an impotent character as far as his long established strength of character and wisdom, Worf was really protrayed as a half-arsed character providing nothing but sarcastic comments unbecoming of the character. I can go on and on… the only valid acting i really saw was in that of Perlman (The Viceroy) and Frakes (Riker). Star Trek as far as the previous stuff hit the climax with Undiscovered Country, took a hit with Generations and had a chance for a strong comeback after First Contact… but then CBS stepped in not wanting a Sci-Fi Genre anymore and started to cut every further development off at the ankles.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I didn’t think Nemesis was that bad… I mean “Insurrection” was MUCH worse imo…

I’m definitely going to watch Star Trek XI and I’m looking forward to see the new take on the Star Trek franchise. I also have high hopes with regards to the director. JJ Abrams only made cool stuff so far - I loved ‘Alias’, I’m hooked on ‘Lost’ and I think ‘MI:3’ was a masterpiece (even though it had Tom Cruise in it g). So it really can’t be a bad movie.


wen i first saw some pic on the new movie i believed it would bee some kind of a teen years old version of star trek:mad:mad:mad


It’s a fresh take on the series, but admittedly a bit light on thinking. I enjoyed it a great deal. Rotten Tomatoes have been kind to the movie as well.


I liked it a lot, the same way I liked Transformers a lot (fan of both franchises since long before the movies). A nifty re-vamp, without ruining anything :slight_smile:


Personally Insurrection is one of my favorites I liked it more than Nemesis… Mainly as I didnt like how Beird pretty much took the beloved and establish characters and twisted them funny. Picard should have been the first to realize him and Shinzon were different people, I dont see the realization of the whole if that happened to me I too would be Evil idea, getting to him in the way it did. As far as my Favs… heres my list…

1: VI - Undiscovered Country

2: VIII - First Contact

3: II - Wrath of Khan

4: XI - Star Trek

5: IX - Insurrection

6: VII - Generations

7: III - Search for Spock

8: I - The Motion Picture (If Skipping the Cloud Flyby…)

9: IV - The Voyage Home

10: X - Nemesis

11: V - Final Frontier

I think that VI made the top billing on my list due to the whole Mystery Caper idea in it… I love Sherlock Holmes and other Mystery novels. I remember being 12 the first time I saw it and thinking that Valeris must be in on it.


I have all the Next Gen DVD movies (they were on sale for like, $6 each, so I bought 'em and Xander and I spent about 2 days watching them in turn) and I enjoyed them and I can’t wait to see this new one. everyone’s commented on the action, but can we comment on the hottie who is young Kirk!? oh la la! <3 hahaha :slight_smile: he’s worth the price of admission for sure.


I thought it was great and really breathed life into a dying franchise. I would rate the movies as follows:

1: XI - Star Trek

2: VI - Undiscovered Country

3: VIII - First Contact

4: II - Wrath of Khan

5: IV - The Voyage Home

6: I - The Motion Picture

7: VII - Generations

8: III - Search for Spock

9: X - Nemesis

10: IX - Insurrection

11: V - Final Frontier


I saw it tonight. It was a very enjoyable movie. I do wonder where they will take this though.


After tonight i will have seen it twice, i thought that is was a very good movie that even some one who did not like star trek could go and enjoy, i am i trekkie all the way have been from the age of 6 when i first watched STNG skin of evil, though it does have some very interesting bits to cover if they do a new movie wont say any more as Kera has not seen it yet and don�?Tt wont to spoil it for her