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We’ll have to see how much I keep this up to date.

Right now I’m in Williamsport, PA on my way to Baltimore. Stopped for lunch. Typing this on wifi on the old iPhone.

Also of note I have a CDO T-shirt with me to give to Jervis. Figure it can’t hurt… :wink:


ooooooooh, spiffy shirt to give away. good thing the guy’s important! rare commodity! :wink:

have fun and let us know what’s going on the old iPhone


and please tells us what jervis thinks of the T-shirt

Lord Darkash:

Don’t forget to offer him up some slaves as well!


Haha, awesome stuff Willmark!


Haha! That is great! Have fun! :cheers

Pyro Stick:

Make sure you take loads of pics, especially of when you give away that tshirt.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

lol that will teach him

P.S does anyone know how much the tikets are for gamesday (£ will be nice)

Kera foehunter:

well have a fun time and remerber your no pirate so watch your drinking!!! * Kera gives willmark a hug for good luck*


Thanks guys. I’m under another wifi spot right now. I’m about 22 miles away from Baltimore, but have to go a bit futher then that as my buddy (that would be bloke/mate to the UK contingent) live a bit south of Baltimore. Might get a game in tonight against his tree hugger wood elves.


good luck witht the battle :stuck_out_tongue:


Sitting in a seminar 5 feet from Jervis and Phil Kelly!


Use the force Luke:D

Did you get a game vs the woodies? Where the pics?live feed ,video steaming?

Have fun mate:hat


did you give the T-shirt already ?


I did! I got some great news from Phil Kelly more details to come.

Lord Darkash:

don’t keep us in suspense!


more details NOW! Willmark! c’mon…

did he wear the t-shirt!? you should’ve had him put it on and taken a picture with him with thumbs up :wink:


what is the big surprise, come on tell it , tell it

Lord Darkash:

Curse you and your enigmatic silence! :hat


I’ve got pictures with Jervis, Robin Dews and Phil Kelly!

I’ll go into detail later but had a nice chat with Phil. He pointed out “have you noticed that all the armies I’ve worked on reference Chaos Dwarfs?” then he raised his eyebrows knowingly. He said the same thing as Jervis, were not forgeting you guys.

At least heatlrtening to say the least.