[Archive] Xander & Vexxus' Mordheim Band


The Mordheim Warband has been a long time in the making. Hopefully it has been worth the wait! All of these models were painted to be able to stand alone in the Mordheim band, as well as be able to be included in our Fantasy army as well. The warband base was an afterthought, while I was sitting in front of the painted warband WAITING impatiently for Xander to get home and see all the progress I had made. It has metal plates built in and painted over, for the magnets on the bottom of each figure to stick to.

The Blunderbusser, the two-handed axeman, and the bull centaur were all expertly converted by Xander, and are the product of experimenting with ideas for Chaos Dwarfs, from very early on in his army development. While they do not yet (and may indeed never) have matching units in our fantasy CD army, they could potentially be used in future units or as characters if desired. I really enjoyed painting these minis, and used the bases as a sort of in between of styles, including elements that match the Gaoler (the first model painted for the band, and also my bronze medal entry into GH6), while they also try to pay homage to the grass and rubble bases found in our fantasy army (the only difference being that the grass on the warband bases were painted to look scorched at the edges, due to close proximity to lava).

The Gaoler, and the Informer/Slave were converted and painted by me (Vex). The Gaoler was the first model painted, and I had completed the conversion and painting in under a week after the contest started, I was that enthusiastic about the idea. Being so pumped with the results, I wanted to make more, and it was at that point I decided to try and make a full (or at least starting) warband before the deadline. The Informer was actually the last addition to the warband, his weapon is converted from the two blades on either side of one of the metal chaos banner heads, and I love it, haha. The goblin is a last minute addition and is simply a touched-up repaint, just to have an extra informer available, haha.

Finally, the mage/fire sorcerer is a joint conversion. Xander converted the popular figure into his Chaos Dwarfy self, while I provided the rock/lava base complete with ceremonial candles vibrant with daemonic energies. This model was the second contribution to the warband, so my motivation was at its peak, and I was extremely happy with the end result. My vision was to make this model usable as both the warband leader, and a cool caster for the fantasy army also.

Kera foehunter:

great job love the band !! i like the mad bowler!!! lol bowl down those candles

great lava baces guys


Stellar work. This will probably find a home on the main page.

Great to see some of my earliest work come to life!


I know those guys! =D so amazing Vex, great paint job.

my fave is definitely the sorcerer :slight_smile:


That’s a mighty fine warband :hat off Great work guys :slight_smile:

And I love you Gaoler - Vexxus. Casted my vote on him too - you know! Though I hated not being able to guess that it was yours (I guessed 12 out of 15 - not bad, but …).


Great looking warband!


Wow thats’ a great warband - really cool :slight_smile:

Mates, whats’ next on the paper?


Good looking group of models there!

Knight Of Awsome:

What I want to know is how much work Xander did on this project and how much work Vexxus did. Based on the models it looks sweet but I can see your magnets that you put there… just something that I noticed…


I converted the BC, CD w/ GW, BB, and Sorcerer model.

Vex converted the rest and painted the lot.


After the rave reviews on the podcast, I feel compelled to add some individual shots with a special spotlight for Willmark’s favorite of the warband, the Fire Sorcerer! Enjoy!

Kera foehunter:

you guys do have the best colors .Did you cut your ear off to become this great artest Vexxus.

your stuff rocks!!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

As you can hear on the podcast, I love this! It’s all so cool. A lot of stuff I said about it isn’t in the podcast (as I mentioned it before we started recording). I really like the use of the Chaos Warrior horn as a blunderbuss, I think I mentioned the blades of the Gor in the podcast, but if not they look sweet as! As others have mentioned, the fire sorcerer is cool (blows own horn on the crewman idea unintentionally), I particularly like the base, the orb-colouring and the fact the candles are a btchng purple. I’d not been able to see the Bull Centaur’s shield properly before, but it is awesome too! Keep us updated on the progress of your warband’s combats and improvements!