[Archive] Xander's BFSP Hobgoblin Conversions


In my ongoing effort to make the Chaos Dwarf army cheap and attainable, I have attempted a Hobgoblin conversion using a Night Goblin from the Battle For Skull Pass box set.

Welcome to the brief guide!

Tools: Knife, Pin Vice, Wirecutters, Glue, Sculpting tool

Parts: Night Goblin, Dwarf Axe, Wire, Wolfrider legs, GreenStuff

You can see I have cut the Night Goblin in half, and shaved off the shoes. I also chopped off the top of his hat and most of the spear. Using the pin vice I drilled through the plastic mimicking where his legs would go, and then through his torso. I inserted, with some difficulty, a folded piece of wire through both slots in the torso, and then the dress, then clipped the ends so leg length. I left gaps where the legs and bellies go.

Using an old Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower Crewman, I tried to match up the proportions. I could have done much better, but I figured it was a first test, so didn’t bother correcting it. I glued on his feet on a base, then stuck the wire legs into the drilled feet, and glued them.

Below if the finished result after applying Green Stuff. Simple legs with knees, pot belly with stitching, cloth-wrapped arms, Hobgobbo hat (removed the hood part from under his chin, and extended the flaps. Also added flaps to the back.), made his torso all one piece of cloth, covered the shield, and added the decal-less Dwarf Axe.

I hope you guys can appreciate the attention to detail, I tried pretty hard to make him look like the classic Hobgoblins!

Comments appreciated! :smiley:


Ok! Since I liked the one I did, I bought 40 Night Goblins!

Here come the recuits! I will work on ten of the spearmen to start. :slight_smile:


Get those bases off! And trim those spears!


Slippers are not permitted amoung the Hobgoblins!


Time to fatten you boys up, by cutting you in half!



Drill some holes for pinning!


Prepare the first victim! Daddy needs a new pair of feet!?


Get wired up! Trim the wire and get ready for insertion into feet.


5 Trimmed Hobgobbos following their forefather.


How do these boys stack up to the Old Gits?


Time to beef up! Growing a hunchback, some legs, and big round pot belly!



How they looking? … work still to be done!


How do they compare to what they started as? Come a long way, I’d say.


The final showdown! Button up, and move out!





Birds eye view!


I started working on these guys last friday, so, on and off, I had them done by about Tuesday, then added some finishing touches the last few days. I have many more to do, and I am confident the archers will work the same way.

ADDITIONAL comments appreciated!

The Flying Beaver:

They’re absolutely amazing in that they really look like hobgoblins and don’t take a huge amount of skill to make. I can’t wait to try your method out.


Heh. I just like the fact that the banner has a Chaos Icon leftover from the Earthshaker conversion. I would know, I’m using two as gears in my conversion.

Hashut’s Blessing:

When I get some of the models and some greenstuff, I am SO giving this a go!


Heh. I just like the fact that the banner has a Chaos Icon leftover from the Earthshaker conversion. I would know, I'm using two as gears in my conversion.

Haha, yes it does!
When I get some of the models and some greenstuff, I am SO giving this a go!

Hashut's Blessing
I takes a bit of time, but I think the effect is well worth it. :)

Hashut’s Blessing:

I agree that it is worth it.


PHEW! Sorry I’ve been away from the board of late (been putting the finishing touches on the rules for my Mordheim Slayer Warband.) I HAVE, however, bought myself a BFSP box set, which means I’ll be trying MY hand at Xander’s Hobbo conversions. I’ll try to get pics, (plus pics of my bulky, Dwarf-torso+Goblin-regiment conversions which I’ve made more of.)

As a funny side note, my BFSP box didn’t have any dice in it. Odd, huh?


That is odd. o_o

Can’t wait for pics!


Im not that good at pinning or using green stuff ( :frowning: ) so I will probably just do the axes, sheilds and heads… although I might try a hobgoblin hero. Just one question, how do you get your hands on those axes?


Curious: What do you mean by “I inserted, with some difficulty, a folded piece of wire through both slots in the torso”. I’m a little confused. Any chance you could explain your pinning system to me?


At the time, for the first model, I used only one piece of wire, which I bent into a V. It was hard to but it through the two holes in the top of the head at the same time, because the wire was ridged and tough to move through the plastic.

I simply use two pieces of wire now. Stick it through the dress making the bottom part long enough for a leg, then stick the torso on, leaving enough room for a belly. Then leave a bit of wire on the top for a hat. Do the same for the other leg, so that you have two legs, and two small pieces of wire coming out of the top of his head.

This picture shows it best:



Nice conversions Xander :hat off I’ll certainly give these a shot when I’ve finished my orcs, gitz and blunderbussers. One question though, how to get all the axes needed for 40 BfSP gobbos. I reckon plasticard, or just leave them with spears and count them as handweapons (not very WYSIWYG I know). I’d appreciate any suggestions on this.


Plasticard would work. Since I have two units of 25 BFSP Dwarfs, I use the axe heads from them. :slight_smile:


Ah, but that raises the question of what to use for the BfSP dwarfs hen you take their axes for hobgoblins…hang on…:idea…that means I’ll just have to buy some dwarf warriors regiments and give them great weapons to get the spare hand weapons…shame:)


Wait a second, those aren’t Night Goblin feet… so it isn’t really a BFSP conversion, now, is it.

And does the Wolf Rider box come with spare legs, or am I going to have to order them online?


The Common goblin sprue contains legs for either 20 standing goblins, or 20 riding goblins. Anyone who bought Common goblins on foot should have 20 spare sets of feet. I ordered some bits online and had close to 60 sets of feet amongst them. So they aren’t that uncommon.


Aaaah. Where did you get them from?


Little shoes are pretty easy to sculpt with greenstuff, so you don’t have to use goblin feet (although the goblin feet do look a lot better).


I know what I’ll do. I’ll cut the heads off of the spears, put those right by the paperclip-legs, and sculpt around them.


I got my bits on eBay.

There’s no law that forces you to make them taller, if you don’t have the bits for feet, you could just use the ones they start with.