[Archive] Xander's Chaos Dwarf Warriors


So I have been working on painting my Chaos Dwarf Warrior unit. I went with a scheme that follows the Hellcannon crew. Same guys I made the videos for.

I did these guys a while back, but didn’t post them because I wanted to do a little more first.

Since I liked the scheme well enough, I started the rest of the unit today in a mass painting session. Quickly over Quality for my main troops, but a decent tabletop standard none the less.

Starting with tons of watered down Bestial Brown for a base coat over much of each model.

Next I added Boltgun Metal and Brazen Brass in direct coats.

After that, a black wash to mute the metalics and provide some shading.

Next I will start the tedious process of highlighting red, and after that, bringing up the skin tones. Once there, I will adjust the details and add some more minor highlights.

I am saving my command for last as I usually spend a little more time on my front rankers as they are what my opponent will stare at most of the game.

I am in dire need of a nap, after which I will begin to tackle the dreaded red.



P.S. Comments welcome and appreciated.

More or less fully painted:

Lord Zarkov:

Looks Good!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Very nice! Will there be any marking or icon on the shields when the unit is finished?


I will probably put something on the shield, but I haven’t decided on it yet.

Thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:


Touched up the metallics, and added some red. Also worked on the bases a bit.


It’s nice to see these guys shaping up - I have been waiting with baited breath! It’s interesting that you use bestial brown for your red’s basecoat - I used to mix scab red with black and then highlight upwards, now I’m using scorched brown as a first coat cuz it goes a bit faster. I like my reds dark! Anyway, the point is that using brown as a first coat works really well, so horray :hat off!

Meanwhile, what’s the deal with the mysterious dragon ogre? He looks pretty exciting…


Hehe, I was fixing his base a bit while I was doing the bases on the CDs.

Brown is really a darker form of red. Red is a tricky colour, it seems to go brown-red-pink, which makes it tough to use. I should probably pick up some Scab Red…


whats that guy in the back in the second post


That would be a dragon ogre my friend. Really nice look Xander, the borwn is a good idea for those of us who aren’t going to shell out for the new foundation paints.

However, you have foolishly shown us which model is your golden hat entry. Just as well I’ve already voted, but these are some really nice models and its good to see them painted. I would be getting some pics of my stuff up here, but I’m rubbish at photographing minis and want to do them justice.


chaos dwarfs cant take dragon ogers


I checked with Beaver before I posted it. Most of the votes had been cast, so it makes little difference. And anyone could have guessed that was my entry anyways thanks to the mask. :stuck_out_tongue:


oh so its like a great tarus



No, it’s just one of my Dragon Ogre models…


oh so its like a great tarus

Perhaps Xander has more than one army?

Xander, how well did the red work over brown? I'm having trouble getting decent coverage, and I don't really want to pay for foundation paints if I don't have to.


Technically I am not Xander, but I’m gonna throw my own experience in here - red works great over brown! What you have to do tho is blend them up. Assuming you are using GW paints, don’t try to put scab red straight over bestial or scorched (definitely don’t do that with blood or gore). Instead, start with a coat of brown, then mix a bit of red into your next coat, and so on until you’re happy with the result. An easy way to do it would be scorched, then 1/2 scorched/scab, then scab. If you wanted to highlight above scab then you could mix scab with blood in the same fashion. Obviously thin coats are important :).


I concur with what Khan has said. Mixtures and thin layers are the only way to make red work.

GW likes to release large packages making them seem exclusive. Such as foundation paints. However, before long they release individual parts for purchase. Hpefully we’ll only have to buy foundation paints for our reds, yellows, and whites.



I’m really liking the way your army is going Xander. Keep it up dude!



Just a small question Xander how many points of

chaos dwarfs do you have painted.:cheers


One Earthshaker, and 6 Chaos Dwarf Warriors. 16 partially painted. 164 point fully painted then.

However, I have some 60 Orcs painted, 4 Bolt Throwers. Of which I regularly use a unit of 25 Orcs, and the 4 BTs. 180 points for the Orcs, 120 for the BTs.

So total points painted is roughly 464 points.


Your army is coming along nicely Xander.

I find sometimes that painting onto green stuff is very different to painting onto metal or plastic, I think that metal models give the best base for painting.

Just wondering if you have found the same thing, especially when one considers the amount of GS you have used converting your warriors.