[Archive] Yay! We are getting AoS rules!


I emailed Forgeworld and got a speedy reply. Thought I would share it with my fellow Chaos Dwarf brethren.

Me -

"Will you be releasing rules for Age of Sigmar for the Chaos Dwarfs? Is this army still supported?


Forge World reply:

“Good afternoon,

Thanks for your email. As you can imagine we are all excited about Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and what it means for Warhammer Forge. Right now the studio are working hard to create Warscrolls for the models we currently sell on the Forge World Web Store. As soon as these are complete they will be available to download. My advice would be to sign up to the Forge World newsletter as this is the first place you will hear anything regarding this.

The good thing is, you won’t have much longer to find out!”


Good news or a terrfying sign of the end?


Yay my Chaos Dwarfs can now be played in Warhammer: Coffee Table.

Hope they don’t axe units that they plan to put out of production.


I wonder if they will have infinite combos.


Timothy Archer:

Hey guys if you don’t like it don’t ruin other people joy.

Good news , happy to read a fresh answer, and happy for my CD


That’s good news, although as someone who investing in things like bile trolls and plague toads I hope they get rules too, even if they’re oop.

On the other hand, AoS does give me more hope for Warhammer Forge. FW wound it down before AoS because they were basically in the dark about what was happening. There’s no point producing a big glossy supplement to games that won’t exist in a year.


Good news. They better not mess it up this time. :cheers


Looking forward to seeing what they come up with, our LoA was so restricted by points costs before. Now the Slave Giant, Ironsworn and Fireborn and BC will all be potentially much nicer options.

So tempted to make a small army up on rounds


This is fantastic news. Even if the rules suck, it’ll be nice to have a casual skirmish with my small collection of classic big hats.


Good news or a terrfying sign of the end?

Good news as those who like AoS (yes they exist despite what you think of the game) can now use their CDs without having to count as other minis such as regular dwarfs just to be played.


Speaking of WF producing warscrolls… in my gaming group, there’s at least 5 warmammoths that see regular table-time.

For my friends’ sake, I hope they get updated, even though the model isn’t available any more.


I also hope they make rules for the K’daii Destroyer. The model (I assume) has probably been cancelled. you know how GW are about units that have rules but no official model…


I’m at Warhammer World for the open day and first order of business was to collar Tony Cottrell to ask about the future of Chaos Dwarfs.

He said all current models will be getting battle scrolls and that goes for the entire range of Warhammer Forge stuff and they will be on the website in the next month or two. They will be creating more WF models with rules and may be revisiting the chaos dwarfs in the future.

Trish Carden also said she is looking forward to getting back into fantasy and bigger gribblies.

Take all that for what it’s worth




Cheers for that Vogon much appreciated.


What Warhammer Forge needed in the first place was AoS. They did so many cool monsters and heroes that couldn’t be used in anything but casual gaming. It’s perfectly fitting to AoS - that has no balance anyway - to make warscrolls for all the cool miniatures from Warhammer Forge.


Cheers for that Vogon.  Tony could and would have said outright if he never planned to do CD again.

Thing that I fear may be a problem is that FW are really keen these days to only release models with a proper context.  Like grouping up tanks etc for a HH book.  The warhammer forge models were no exception, contained within the Storm of Magic or Tamurkhan.

If they complete SoM before any future WF stuff then we’ve got a very, very long wait.

My only hope is what I heard a long time ago they already have enough CD material that didn’t make it into tamurkhan that Talima Fox was working into a book. An example being that battle that I figured out the writing of from that photo someone took (maybe me).

But would they release a book with no models?

Morgrim Blackbeard:

Great news! I am playing some games with my Chaos Dwarfs this thursday but using the Warriors of Chaos list so i can use the Hellcannon :slight_smile: Unless we get lucky and they come out beforehand!


Great news! I am playing some games with my Chaos Dwarfs this thursday but using the Warriors of Chaos list so i can use the Hellcannon :) Unless we get lucky and they come out beforehand!

Morgrim Blackbeard
You can always use the WoC hellcannon card and then use ThommyHs warscrolls for CD.
Let's you make a LoA warband.


Morgrim Blackbeard:

Thats what i would like to do but we shall how receptive my opponents are…


From Forge Worlds download page.