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I decided to make an army blog:

Momentarily I have two different “projects”!

The first one is to make a new kind of Blunderbusses with BoSP miniatures. I work several weeks on this minis but there is only a very slow progress with them …

Here is an overview of them:

I struggle with myself if I should make “real” Blunderbusses or if I should let the rifles like they are?!?!

I´m not sure how to make them and if “real” Blunderbusses fit to my Slavehunters?!?!


My new “project” are Bull Centaurs! I want to make three more of them to get a full unit of five! The two others are finished - they are visible in my Showcase Blog!:wink:

This is the beginning which began and proceeded this afternoon:

The plan was to use these minis …

The beginning …

The first result …

Here can you see that I changed my first choice and used another mini. The reason was that I wanted a “real” musician and I found that bagpiper …

That´s the result of this afternoon which was interrupted several times by my relatives! :mad

That¨s it for the moment!


Kera foehunter:

thanks so much for the W I P it cool i love your use of reaper figures.

and the new bull bottom from the other company

i also love the championship of the blunderbusses !!

put them all in a box and the one that wins would be good enough for your army

what an idea * Kera gives it a thumbs up *

Border Reiver:

Is the middle BC supposed to be playing the bagpipes?

Wonderful conversions, nice blending of the two parts.


your Bull Centaurs look Amazing!!, what do you use for bull part?

do you participe on GH9, which was yours?

your blunderbusses, I love one with a skull shape on its helmet,

Inside they Box looks that they are on party :hat off:cheersx.x


Thanx for your positive feetback!

@ Border Reiver: Yes the guy plays a bagpipe, but I forgot from which company the mini was :frowning:

@ kerbak: I used the bull part from Impact Miniatures, they are Blood Bowl Players!

And yes I took part at the GH IX, my mini had the number 4! You can see my new Standard Bearer which I also made in my showcase threat! :wink:



Thanks for letting us have a view of your works in prosess. The Bulls looks awesome - and I like the musician idea alot. Looking forward to see these painted.


pretty cool stuff! where do you get those mechanical bulls?


A Bull Centaur playing the bagpipes is genius.

I think blunderbusses fit in fine with a slaving themed army.  Got to quell uprisings somehow…


Hmm, Snotling :wink:

I used the bull part from Impact Miniatures, they are Blood Bowl Players!

- but you’ll find them here:

Impact! Miniatures :smiley:

Btw: What’s the head on this guy? - it looks cool - could use heads like that, myself!


Great work Zanko the WOC heads work really well with dwarf bodies, i dont think you need to add any thing to the guns they look really good as they are and fit the over all look of the model.

Clam i think that the head is from the WOC box and is in fact a standard top but i could be wrong am sure Zanko will correct me if i am :slight_smile:


Clam i think that the head is from the WOC box and is in fact a standard top but i could be wrong am sure Zanko will correct me if i am :)

I´m not sure!

I got the the heads from my nephew. He collects Chaos Warriors so I believe they were from the WOC Box like you mentioned.



It’s not from the 6ed WoC regiment box - that’s for sure :smiley: I’ve bought quite a few of those - so I know whats inside. Have you added the horns yourself?


@ clam: Your are right!

            The helmet is not from the WoC pack, this one is from Max Mini …



            I forgot hat I ordered them some month ago … yeah I´m getting old :frowning:



I’ll put those on my wishlist then - will soon be ordering stuff from those guys - so I’ll add a few helmets as well :smiley:


Hrothgar Goldgreed:

The bull centaurs are excellent, and it’s nice to see the Maxmini helmets fit so well. Now if they’d be less pricey … :slight_smile:


I made some GS work at my BCs … not sure how it will look when it´s dry and I have time to see it at daylight!!!

Nonetheless here are some new pics of my (doubtful) efforts …

I hope you can see something of the new GS work …

… and here are also three of the far advanced Blunderbusses!

… here I used another MaxMini helmet!

… to be continued!



Great work keep it coming :slight_smile:


Now my next update:

Not very much … I (probably) finished the work with the greenstuff and begun to paint the minis.

This is the result for the moment:

Criticism, suggestions and compliments are welcome! :cheers


Kera foehunter:

Love the bag pipes !! That is the first ever bull centaur with bag pipes Yea!!


Looks promissing :hat off

Only bit of criticism. Any particular reason why this guy:

is looking that must away from battle? - afraid of flank attacks? Should he not look straigt ahead instead?