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[align=center]The secret prophecy

Like an iceberg grew the dark citadel from the ashen ground in the West of the plain of Zarrh. Chilling winds blew through Rhan Ghanors highest chamber which had a roof but otherwise was open to all sides. Zharreks grey skin got even paler as he studied the ancient writings that were delivered to him by secret ways.

It had took three months to understand this old text fragments. They were partially unreadable, partially in the old runes of the Dawi, partially in tongues never heard for centuries in the Old World. Diaries of rune smiths, notes from lunatics dreams written down bei Nuln scholars, dotted with blood and tears, from a time before the dwarves of the north changed to the people who themselves call now Dawi Zharr.

It felt like a slaves iron collar at his throat when he looked to the numberless fires of Mingol Zharr Naggrund which burned in the distance. At all times of day and night an orange glow could be seen over the vast smoking ziggurats, walls and towers.

Suddenly the spark of courage glowed again within his eyes. The parchments caught fire at his  blink and soon turned to ashes. Nobody but him should ever know of their content.

Zarrek ringed a bell for his assistant Merodach:

�?oCall the castellans. All men have to get ready. Hashut needs more sacrifices.�?�

The old demonsmith nodded and hurried down the long and steep stairs which descended from the tower, which name was the  �?oIron Hammer�?� in the tongue of the Dawi Zharr.

Blessed by the Father of darkness and ambitious, Zarrek is a sorcerer-prophet whose main purpose is to please Hashut. His personal way to do this is to field expeditions to the borders of the chaos dwarf controlled lands, bring FIRE to man, elf and dwarf alike and take back as many SLAVES and METAL as possible.

Zarrek is a experienced and cruel leader, who often takes high risks in battle - personally and for his troops. Hashut was with him - at least until now.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



snapshot of the built models (status 19th of October)

and snapshot 10th of January 2015


Model list (“modern” dwarves):

Forgeworld character set

FW daemonsmith 2011

Bezhukk the Immortal (Ravenswood)

Battle standard bearer converted from IG champion

FW Tauruk</span> <br><span style="color: limegreen">3 GW Hobgoblin Khans on Wolf <br>1 SP on Lammasu (raging heroes)</span> <br><span style="color: limegreen">1 SP on Bale Taurus <br></span> <br><span style="color: limegreen">26 RA warriors great weapon incl. command (Russian Alternative) </span> <br><span style="color: limegreen">33 FW fireglaives incl. command </span> <br>30 Blunderbuss warriors (RA) <br><span style="color: limegreen">42 GW Hobgoblins w bows incl. command</span> <br>28 Hobgoblins Hw/shield ncl. command<br><br>7 Bull Centaur Renders (2 painted) <br><span style="color: limegreen">1 Magma Cannon</span> <br><span style="color: limegreen">2 Death shrieker rocket launchers</span> <br>7 Kdaii Fireborn (Earth + Fire Elementals from Rackham) (1 painted)

2 FW iron demon

1 FW skullcracker

1 FW Dreadquake Mortar

23 Immortals with command (RA, hw/s)

30 Disciples of Lugar (AoW Berserkers)

10 GW Hobgoblins on Wolf incl. Command  (9 painted)

1 GW Hellcannon

1 K`daii Destroyer (Infernal Golem from Titan Forge) (painted)

1 Giant (Scibor)



Magma Cannon #15
First IG Great Weapon #21
Golden Hat entry: Little giant #45
First HG Archer #52
Destroyer #74
Daemonsmith #86
7 HG Archers #98
Bloodbeards emissary #115
Battle standard #119
Russian alternative IG standard bearer #123
Zankos emissary #133
Hellcannon #149
Russian alternative IG champion #154


Hello there,

after some years without tabletop games I reactivated my skaven in 2013 and luckily found an active gaming group with nice people around my area. With playing more and more I got the desire to form some new forces and finally came to chaos and recently chaos dwarves. A friend of mine recommended me cdo for further information and here I am ;-). Your army blogs are a great inspiration for me and I hope to improve as a hobbyist and painter by reading and learning from you all.

I could gain some models already and open the blog with three pictures, which do not show very much yet;):




The last one i super cool! Especially being a Rackham miniature, they made some goood evil dwarfs.


I agree with the Dane. Best of luck! :wink:


I tried with some colors at one of my russian alternative dwarves: the prophets personal guard, a 30man unit with great weapons.

I got to thin down the paints. But do you think the colors could work?


He looks fine! Like an expensive gold laden bodyguard! Those models are nice!


Painting is good and it’s a very nice miniature. Good luck on getting them to line up!

I would love to see an even stronger contrast on the hat/shoulderpads.


Thank you for your comments :-). Do you think of the contrast between the dark brown and the brass/gold rims?

I could perhaps blackline the brown areas. Or highlight the brown a little bit.

I ve got to work more on the face, too.


its quite neutral and subtle. it doesnt pop off against the other colours so much. if you are going for a more contrasty look id either do it black or go darker brown with more layers/highlights. Or as you said you can blackline it.


Thanks. My aim was not to get too bright so I will apply one or two more layers to the brown areas. I tried also another variant but I wasnt satisfied with that at all, so I am going to stick with this look in general.<br>The miniatures from the Russians are great by the way. Comparison and pics here at cdo helped me a lot in deciding about the models. Its metal so its a little bit more difficult to assemble and glue than resin, but the parts fit fairly well together and are mostly cleaned of scraps already.


I am busy with building and basic painting of the magma cannon and some other models, but I wanted to give a sign of life :).

So here is a WIP from a cannon crewman. It seems the forge world minis are a little bit smoother to paint than there russian cousins ;).


Magma Cannon finished :-). That model is one of the reasons why I started a Chaos Dwarf army. As you see its mostly painted in metal colors. I redecided the eyes color of the dwarfs. The eyes will get the same colors as the magma from the base, without pupils. What do you think of that?



Very nice painting. :slight_smile:


Yes very nice

More of them :cheers

Fuggit Khan:

Very nice painting. :)

Agreed! You have a very nice clean painting style...I like 'em!
:hat off


@Fuggit: Not so clean as yours. So I did not go so near with the camera as you ;-).
Other than at the skaven I use a different wash for every base color, so the areas shall not be mended.

thank you all for your nice comments until now especially because there are so many better painters than myself here at cdo. I`ll try to go fast forward to complete a playable force (and get a army medal ;-)).


Very nicely done!!

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