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hi all!

I saw an article on italian white dwarf about a particulary army: Zombie Pirate of the Vampire Coast.

The background says that a vampire, Luthor Arkon, went to Lustria and created a empire on the coast. He raised the dead mariners and created an army.

On the white dwarf there are the rules for this strange army, so I decided to create this army.

This is the first unit, zombie whit two hand gun:

I create this unit whit part of zombie kit, skeletron kit and empire militia kit.

If you have some suggestions, please tell me…


Nice start. Pirates are awesome to begin with and adding zombies makes everything better.The conversion are good, a wash or the like would bring out the detail and make them more sinister.

GW actually has some zombie and vampire models in the collectors section if they take your fancy.



thank you for the link, probably i’ll take the models for the eroes…

about the wash, do you suggest to do it at all the model or only at the skin and the bones part??

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Always nice to see something different. If only GW would support those white dwarf armies or create new articles on them. Ages ago I really liked the army of the cairns with Heinrich Kemmler and his undead constructs…


the rules on the white dwarf are written for the 6th edition, i found this for the 7th edition… the rules are in italian, if i found the rules in english i’ll post the link…

the italian rules: http://www.wargamesforum.it/documenti/pirati_zombie.pdf


It is a nice start. I’d suggest using some washes to bring out the detail.

Also, if you don’t mind using non-GW models, you should check out Black Scorpion minis:




the models are fantastic, tankh you very much…

I see on internet that the rules of this strange army are on WD305 us…


I create a hero for the army… i use the kit of the empire militia, the kit of the skeleton and the flagellant’s kit.

I want that the hero appear very fancy, so i only black, white and purple.

One of these days i’ll go to buy the colours for the wash…


i create a musician (is correct the traduction??) for my zombie:

this 3 guys are for the normal zombie unit:

and other 5 zombie with 2 hand guns:

:yar  :hat off


Great work on the zombie pirates, i have a bit of a zombie pirate army i made all the heros and lord and two units of zombies but gave up after that, i wish you better luck with your army than i did with mine :slight_smile:


hehe, I hope… now i’m working on an hero and the leviatan…


And now, the hero!

I use the kit of the zombie, the arms and the cloak are taken from the outriders kit. The hat is taken from the empire greatswords kit and the dog form bretonnian men at arms and the sword is taken in a dark elves kit…


and now the leviatan… i’m very pride of the model, i hope that you like it…

I used for the model the body and the head and two arms of the Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, I used also the body of the old seeker daemon of slaanesh and i took an arm of the old warriors of chaos kit.

p.s. i’ll post other pictures as soon as possible…



and now… 10 artilleries of the deck

and my favourite:


i take it you love Pirates of the Caribbean 1?


yes of course… it’s a funny film… i love it!!! hehe… you?


yes of course.. it's a funny film... i love it!!!! hehe... you?

First film awesome, the other two pretty good.
First is the best by far :D


i’ll use this cannon as "queen bess"

a carronade and the servants


the finish carronade:

the Queen Bess and the servants: