Artisan's Contest XXXI - Voting!

“Break its will!”

Titan Wargames & Duncan Shadow Presents: The voting thread for the 31st Artisan’s Contest on Chaos Dwarfs Online!

How to vote:
Please submit 3 numbers as votes by sending a PM to the @GoldenHat account (a special account all Staff members can access).

Each (more or less) anonymous entry is numbered ranging from 1 to 9. There is no need to specify which one you think is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Simply list the three that you like and we will do the rest. You are not allowed to vote for yourself.

Voting will close at 11:59 PM January the 26th, 2021 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone). Once the votes are tallied we will post the results.

Album of Images

Entry 01

Entry 02

Entry 03

Entry 04






Remember, this round there are lots of prizes up for grabs!

Great job everyone and good luck!
The Staff


Wow wow wow. So much inspirational artwork here :heart_eyes:

No quick decisions - I shall mull over my voting during the day :cd1991gif:


Can we skip voting and crown as only legit victorius #9? :skull1:


Wow, this went above and beyond all expectations… incredible stuff guys :hatoff:


New models are always great - obviously it’s the bread and butter of what we do at CDO

But artwork…don’t you feel it kinda helps expand our lore? Like much of this stuff I could see in a book or something.

I know we haven’t the manpower and resources to do a regular word of Hashut these days. But I’d love to do a yearly thing. Like a year of CDO in review where some of the competition pieces, highlights from forum posts and stuff like that are shown.

It would be a good little pdf to send those who are flirting with the idea of moving from old forum to new or making the transition from Facebook page to forum.

Something to think about…:man_shrugging:t2: I’d be happy to do some legwork on putting it together. I mean tbh ittd be a joy going through the forum and looking at the awesome artwork, stories and miniatures all over again!


Excellent idea! That would be fantastic if you wished to handle it. :hatoff:

Speaking of PDFs, I have some long-cooking plans to spelllcheck and compile our various stories and background pieces into a neat PDF document complete with decorative illustrations (one for each story if at all possible) and some handsome paper background. I don’t have the skills to pull off the PDF complete with paper background and image insertions, so just in case you’d be interested in looking into this later on, then there’s something special to cooperate over in the future.

But we’ll also need more artworks (with permission from the artists, of course). I hope to hook in @Loidrial for some art, and eventually doodle myself for various older stories as well as for some future new ones. Any artist volunteers here would be more than welcome. :wink:

Very long term project, however. Though it would probably have to be completed in volumes, since we can probably fill a 1000-page tome with our writings with ease. At a guess, the fables section is the one which have the highest artworks per story ratio, especially thanks to @knightinflames. So willing artists picking some fables they like and doing some art for them would go a long way toward making a polished Zharr-Naggrund Fables PDF a possibility, as a first step.

Just mentioning.



Sounds like a plan @Admiral

I’m going to have a play with a small year in review publication, message people who’s art and models may be in it etc to get permission (people have shared stuff in a relatively tight little forum but may not be as happy to have their work published and sent around the world. I think most would like it - it’s just polite to ask imo)

I think by March 21, this new forum will be one years old? Is that right? Gives me a good date to aim for

Also yes, if I’m able to do this to an okay standard (I’d be learning by doing it haha) I’d be happy to help on any narrative publications


well… number 9… don’t know what to say… its… better then what i would draw… :smiley:

No, but I do like that someone sent it in and that admiral just said… sure… why not! :smiley:

I will, once again, vote on what made me more jealous of someone else’s skills…


@MichaelX : Nno one should be shy of sending in their doodles, regardless of skill level. Just draw and paint for the sheer fun of it, and never be dissuaded. :smile:

Heck, a parent who manages to make their children interested in drawing Chaos Dwarfs could always help them register to enter an art contest. We often have random draw prizes for those not in top 3.

As to the peculiarities of number 9: Haha, I am probably myself more in the danger zone of being banned for reasons of decency, since I often sculpt the most bizarre and phallic stuff for my friends here in Sweden (see the infamous Kuthuvud of @Eisenhans, built to his instructions). But then again, this is a forum of fiery bull worshippers, and iconography of the Father of Darkness wouldn’t truly show Hashut as a proper virile bull without a prominent membrum virilus, as Forgeworld well knows considering the correct anatomy of Cinderbreath.






I agree, it’s great!

I don’t mind “indecent” models! in fact, often they are great conversation starters!


haha perfect! Are there pictures of the painted model? Asking for a friend… :smiley:


Strangely enough I couldn’t find pictures of the finished model. I’ve asked him about it, and promise to report back on this pivotal cultural matter of highest intellectual curiosity. :smiley:


Great entries…I must admit I’m particularly delighted with #6, so many great little nuances to enjoy: one CD grabbing another CD by his beard, the “stage diving” CD falling from the siege giant, the CD with a cannon shot through his Big Hat, a goblin sapper being blown to bits ( his shovel flying through the air) and of course the CD bean counter scribe who is counting the cost of battle.
And #9…reminds me of the infamous Hashut farting beans entry of years ago :smile:


I think people had lots of fun with this one.


Well this was a joy to wake up to this morning. I simply don’t have enough votes to cast for this spread of art.

Also @Admiral slash @Oxymandias I’d be happy to help furnish art for the compilation, sounds fun to get inspired by others stories and create something to go alongside.


Nice one @Reaver

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@Oxymandias @Admiral I would LOVE to see an yearly Word of Hashut, I think that would be really cool!!

Also good job to everyone who entered the Artisan contest, I got a real kick out of them all.
It is great to see Hashuts followers still so loyal and proud after all these years! Great Stuff!
Zharr Naggrund forever!! :skull2: :beer: :hatoff:


@Deebo - I have begun work on something resembling a draft this morning.

(Working from home = working on anything that isn’t my actual work haha)


Hashut is pleased with your exquisite prioritization