Ash Wastes Resurrection

Used to be the Ash Waste Insurrection. My plan to secretly unite all the Australian based Armies against the more Northern Lords…But no one joined me (probably because I didn’t actually ask anyone).

I am currently in the throws of wee bit of a case miniature overload and I’m made some headway into rationalizing my collection. Previously I’ve had them allocated to 3 “Clans”. The painted ones coming to a total of (LoA) 12990.5 Points. Probably more now but …

Anyway as it appears WHFB isn’t an option in my area for any foreseeable future but KoW is, then I’m going to concentrate on completing a KoW fully built first.

to bee continued…its bedtime


Trying to get my head around what I want for the KoW ladz… and ooh look a Squirrel

Just thought I’d try to get the Band back together…

I hate Squirrels


I’ve gotten my KoW models onto a table to see what I need to do get them “finished”

At first glance, there is a lot to do.
At fifth glance it’s even worse.


This list makes some sense to me but not much. I want to include something from all the ranges I have collected in this Kings of War army so as it can be a proper showcase

Supreme Ironcaster on Great Winged Halfbreed

  • “Mantic” Gt Winged Halfbreed is painted but the Ironcaster not yet.

Ba’su’su the Vile - Female Gargoyle from ………?

Brakki Barka - Named Abyssal Halfbreed Champion and
Abyssal Halfbreed Champion - 4th Ed Bull Centaur
“Mantic” Abyssal Dwarf Half Breed Lord - Not Painted Yet

Overmaster - “Mantic” Abyssal Dwarf Ghenna, Keeper of the Black Flame - Not painted yet

Overmaster on Great Abyssal - ?? Not sure what to use probably a 4th Ed Lord on GT

Iron Caster - “Mantic” Arhak Soulbinder Supreme Iron-Caster - Not Painted Yet.

Army Standard Bearer - Berderkin / Darkling Dwarf Standard Bearer

Blacksouls - Troop - No plans for any yet.
Regiment - No models painted yet (I think) - I could use a 4th Ed unit here.
Horde - 1 x Marauder MM90 Warriors

Immortal Guard - Troop - No plans for any yet.
Regiment - 1 x Dawi Zharr Ladies from my GH # …. entry

Decimators - Troop - 1 x 3rd Ed Cross-Bows
Regiment -
Horde - 1 x 3rd Ed C22 Bazooka Teams

Abyssal Beserkers -Troop - No plans for any yet.
Regiment - 1 x “Slayer Pirates”

Slave Orcs - Troop - To be decided
Regiment - To be decided
Horde - To be decided

Slave Orc Gore Riders - Troop - To be decided
Regiment - To be decided

Gargoyles - Troop - 3 x Mixed Citadel C48 and other Gargoyles

Lesser Obsidian Golem - Regiment - 3 x Hordes Trollbloods Light Warbeasts
Horde - No plans for any yet.

Greater Obsidian Golem - Hordes Skorne “Rhinodon”

Abyssal HalfBreeds - Troop - 4th Ed Bull Centaurs - Not based yet
Regiment - 4th Ed Bull Centaurs - Not based yet

Slow starting on my re-vamping of my KoW army(s).
I’ve lost some photos except this one of both my Beserker and Immortal Ladies Regiments.

I’ve gently glued the models to the movement trays and then gone over them with “Spakfilla”. The Berserkers I’ve re-covered with Jarrah stained sand.
I think I will re-do the whole lot as the basings are all slightly different


Another slight distraction. In my view all units should have a musician and as the 3rd Ed range is sadly lacking in them I am having to make some.
Here is the newest one I’m working on.
It is “Ekalim the Mad Piper”

The pipes are from these plastic tooth picks

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Cool, looking good!
Hopefully you’ll have some stuff ready for the Summer Campaign. :slight_smile:

strong text

Here is a bit better WiP pic of my “Ekalim the Mad-Piper”


I also needed one more mini to fill out the Berserker Regiment before I filled in the movement tray. Now who in my reserves fitted the bill era wise and “crazy” wise. Why the Chaos Dwarf Ninja of course.


Have finally built a standard top for these guys,

I do have another slayer pirate standard bearer and it is complete and slatted for sale.

and I think I’ll stop re-working the base trays until all of the other units are the same.


Awesome sauce! Those dogs of war are great miniatures, I like the conversions you’ve done :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:


Here is where I’m up to at the moment with my re-basing of my KoW army to a roughly same basic starting point.

I’ve gotten my horde of Blunderbuss’s, a horde of MM90’s Warriors, 2 x 3rd Ed “Grog” Mortars, 2 x 3rd Ed Swivel Gun" Dragon fire Teams, 1 x regiment of berserkers, 1 x regiment of immortals, 3 x troops of gargoyles, 1 x ? of Lesser Golems, the ASB, Basu the Vile gargoyle hero, 1 x Ankhor Heavy Mortar and the Great winged Half-Breed done.


Looks great!
I assume you’ve shown him before on the old forum, but do you have any better photo of the character with the flayed dwarf?

That’s a great looking army, a marvelous multitude of minis indeed :metal:t2:

The Flayed Dwarf Banner Bearer is my entry in one of the recent GH’s or AC’s

Found it. Golden Hat No 23.

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Great to see another aussie going strong - are you also playing 9th age?

My mate and I are having battles where my infernal dwarves are resisting a beast herd incursion

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Your army already looks very impressive! :radioactive: Please add more pictures!

No 9th Age here, I’m sorry to say. KoW only for the foreseeable future for us here.

Due to the “Masters of the Lash” demands on my time (golden hat,new forum and the wife), I find I have little time left to do new pics