Attention IOS users

Starting March 8th Apple has decided to block all Home screen web apps from their devices (in the EU?). That means that discourse will likely either stop working as an installed app, OR it will not be installable for new users.

You CAN however always reach us trough the normal web browsers. If i understand correctly it’s just the installing it as a home screen web app which is impacted.

more info here Update on apps distributed in the European Union - Support - Apple Developer

under the “Why don’t users in the EU have access to Home Screen web apps?”. header.


Just to be clear, a “Home Screen Web App” is every webpage I “save to home screen”, right? Damn. Didn’t do it much, but a few “apps” I really like this way.

What’s your best guess for “DiscourseHub”? Is that just a fancy packaging around the same principle and will therefore also stop working?

discoursehub is an outdated app iirc. not sure how it works though,


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I’m a DiscourseHub enjoyer. Or at least… it hasn’t caused any significant problems. Hope it keeps working!