Bas paints even more of stuff! [BATG 2023]

A diorama full of dioramas! GENIUS

Too much character to digest in this photo

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So I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit…

I didn’t feel like painting for a long time. Just couldn’t get started.

Planned to paint some old 40k Orks, but only got so far as basing and undercoating them.

But I did paint some Orky scenery! Mostly to serve as a backdrop for the Ork army pics, but that will have to wait for a bit.

So this is my production of the past couple of months:

It’s a couple of Kill Team Orktarius pieces plus an Ork Mek shop (converted to fill the gaps).

It can be put together in a couple of different configurations:

Bought and added to the pile: 23
Printed and added to the pile: 0

Painted models: 69
Painted scenery: 31 (+16)

Current Score: -77 (-16)

Up next I hope to update this a bit more.

Start of September is the finale of our Middle Earth Escalation campaign, and the week after that I’m going to attend my first Middle Earth Strategy Game tournament. So I’ll have to finish my Halflings for that. A lot of work still to do, but I should be able to show off a finished army in a couple of weeks.


BOY WHAT A SPECTACLE!!! :eggplant:

Time for a massive photodump!

I finished the Shire army, just a couple of characters to go but that’s for another time.

So last week I played in a tournament, and you could score for Displayboard. Sounded like a cool challenge, so I grabbed this chance to build my first army display!

I had to paint a lot of Hobbits to finish this army, and then I got in the groove so I painted some more. When I reached 64 painted models, I just had to add some more for 69…

So that’s some assorted characters, 30 Militia, 25 Archers and 20 Shirrifs.

There are only 4 sculpts for each type, so I tried to sculpt/convert the rest so there are only a couple of duplicated in the army. I tried to go for a full metal army, but in the end that just took the whole fun out of it and I added a couple of 3d prints.

Unfortunately for this BATG I bought most of these models this year…

So for the numbers that doesn’t do too much…

Bought and added to the pile: 88 (+65)
Printed and added to the pile: 0

Painted models: 138 (+69)
Painted scenery: 33 (+2)

Current Score: -83 (-66)


And some more pics. After all the Hobbits I could use a pallete cleanser, so I painted some random models.

Had some old LotR figures lying around, and I might play a more Hero heavy army after the Hobbit horde, so I painted some Helms Deep heroes:

And I was in a Star Trekky mood, so I bought and painted up the new Star Trek Away Missions boardgame:

Fun minis with nice big cartoony proportions so really chill to paint up after all the tiny LotR scale.

Bought and added to the pile: 98 (+10)
Printed and added to the pile: 0

Painted models: 152 (+14)
Painted scenery: 33

Current Score: -87 (-4)


Cranking out great work! No small amount of versatility in painting showed in just a few pictures. Quite the style contrast between the LOTR and the Trekkies, all came out excellent!

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Yup agree totally, bas you are a very talented painter. The borg guy really catches the eye!

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Thanks for the kind words, guys!

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