[BATG 2023] Bessron's Mountain of Grey Treasures

So now I’m back at it again. Last year was positive, even if it was a bit small.

The resolutions for the new year are still fresh and present. Let’s get started.

And now… No pictures for now. Sorry, this is just a placeholder, so to speak. And why, well all the miniatures for January went completely into the
Golden Hat competition.

So there are 3 miniatures that I bought.

And 6 that were painted, I assume that my contribution was recognised anyway, despite this, the pictures will follow on Monday after the result.

Bought and put on the stack: 3 (-3)
Printed and placed on the stack: 0

Painted models: 6 (+6)
Painted landscape: 0

Current score: 3 (3)


So can you count your Astragoth from back in July as progress for BATG???

Additions are positive, subtractions are negative. So… trchnicslly you are on -3.

Still, any score is great when you have more painted than added!

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