[BATG] - Halgar Hellgaze's Doomseekers

After being inspired by @HashutsBlessing to battle the gray (or in my case green) pile I decided to start a new thread to keep track of new additions and painting progress starting now.

I will also keep my initial army trhead up to date!

Beginnings of my fully* 3D printed chaos dwarf army!

Atm I have 3 new additions to show you.

This little mortar

This hobgoblin wolfrider champion

And this riderless lammasu

I have lots more to paint but as I said, these are the additions since @HashutsBlessing started this idea.


I feel like you should be collecting munchkins from the emerald city with that colour of resin. The cannon looks great. The hobbo looks good but a bit big maybe? The lammasu looks great too. A pleasure pain thing to paint these lovely translucent green things eh?

I actually haven’t checked side by side with the other models I’ve printed. I’ll do that tomorrow.

I like the green resin. It shows good detail and its translucent enough to be able to glue parts together with some resin and a uv led flashlight.

Lots more models in the other thread. They are a joy to paint. For some reason its more satisfying then bought models :relieved:

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Well… yes . Its big… ill have to print that one again…

Anyone interested in a oversized goblin wolfrider? :blush:

@Zoddtheimmortal there we go… :slight_smile:


Very imposing for a goblin wolf rider. Looking forward to see it painted :slight_smile:

It would eat other wolf riders for breakfast

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Another addition, a BSB!


Recently printed him too! Lovely mini ain’t it!

Yes, he is great. Very mean look on his face :slight_smile:

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Absolutely fantastic and welcome to the fold of those in competition to keep ahead of their gained models with completed ones!

Willbe keeping an eye here and there for sure.