[BB] Tjubs Blood Bowl stuff

As Ive been a Blood Bowl player mainly for the last 10 years I thought Id share some of the teams painted up. Oddly enough Ive never once played or painted Chaos Dwarfs, so lets hope Games Workshop will re-release them soon… :slight_smile:

Die bewaffnete weiße Rose (Orcs), for my brother.

Green Bay Slackers (Humans), for my brother as well.

Gloves of Metal (Dwarfs), my first fully green stuffed miniatures.

Fighting Fezes (Stunts Leeg Tzeentch), greenstuffed.

Karak-a-Yark Giants (Dwarfs)

Shrooms of Doom (Woodland), greenstuffed.

Grenzstadt Germs (Nurgle), greenstuffed

Grenzstadt Maggots (Halflings), greenstuffed

Nagashizzar Shamblers (Undead), green stuffed

Everbold Unicorns (Pro Elf), green stuffed

Brunnsbo Rams (Halflings)

Hisingens Sewersides (Skaven)

Khrones Krüshers (Chaos Pact)

Loth’sa Lions (High Elf)

Rosenheim Roosters (Halflings)

Nocturnal Nibblers (Vampire)

Wind of Change (Slann)

Gruesome Gingers (Ogres)


Wow. That’s an impressive collection! Considering how many teams you have, it is very strange that you didn’t make a CD one as you said!

Awesome stuff.

Jupp, I have a few more but no photos of them yet… One can never have too many Blood Bowl teams. :grin:


That’s how I feel about Necromunda gangs. I have all of them except the newest one, Corpse Grinders. :slight_smile:


Oooof! Very impressive, my two favs are the Shrooms of Doom & Fighting Fezes.

My homie the other day saw my big collection of BloodBowl pitches/dug outs and asked what was I thinking? ME - I don’t know, I’ve tried to collect the dice & fields in case we ever play again - they’re rad!

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Ah, cool… Have you got all of the BB2016 fields and dices? :crazy_face:
Im actually considering getting all of the BB2016 teams, since I want a “united” collection. So far I own a lot of different manufacturers. But would be sweat to have a complete set so to say… And of course, one can never have to many Blood Bowl teams! :slight_smile:

Have all the team dice and missing a couple fields. Lizardmen field I ordered on eBay and they never got them in.

Still impressive, hope you get to play more. Try setting up a league, Ive been running a structured league with on a strict 2 weeks schedule for about 10 years nog. Best game ever. :slight_smile:

Oh, came across these while preparing to transfer stuff from the old forum. Some Star Players I made for the Undead team. Ramtut II, Setekh, Frank N. Stein.


Forgot this one, its my Giant Blood Bowl referee… Follow the link for a 360 video of him. :slight_smile:


I made this team as a commission, they are rock themed Chaos Dwarfs made as a Dwarf team. Dont think they ever got shown on CDO. Ill see if I can find some individual photos as well. :slight_smile:


These are some Star Players, Coach and rowdy fans etc which I made as part of anther commissioned Chaos Dwarf team. Got a bit nostalgic finding these photos… :slight_smile:

Found the rest of the original team as well! Had a 120+GB Trash, kinda fun having a look what’s in there before deleting it all. Included photo backups from older comps as well. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
IMG_4833 IMG_4832 IMG_4831 IMG_4830 IMG_4829 IMG_4828 IMG_4827 IMG_4826



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My latest version of Morg n Thorg, miniature by Winzor Chog Miniatures


That’s great.

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Blood Bowl Slave Giant, model by Winzor Chog Miniatures. I think this model would work well for a generic fantasy Slave Giant as well


Ive been converting a bunch of new Halfling Starplayers to match the BB2016 Halfling team by GW. These were really fun to create and hopefully will perform great deeds on the pitch! :astonished: :thinking: :rofl:


These are SO good

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Impressive, most impressive!

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Thanks! …and hats of to your sir for posing on a KV-2! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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