Best choice for a modular table

Hello unfair people of the dark lands,

In order to host parallel games in my apartment, and allow more players, I’m looking for the best way to have a modular table that can be folded to take no room. I’m going for 2,10m x 1,20m (30cm extra beyond playing surface). I have an extensible table which still takes surface when extensions are removed so I’ll go for the old big wood panel and 3 trestles to support it so that the second one is easy to conceal.

Which material, thickness would you suggest me ? I need to be able to move it alone, I’d rather avoid chipboard panel because it crumbles and you need a thick panel to have the rigidity. MDF, OSB, plywood, melamine, full wood ? which essence ? which thickness ?

For the trestle, I suppose I need treated wood (in case I keep it in my garage), smoothed surface, foldable. Max resistance isn’t going to be important I guess. What else should I check to choose trestles ?

Thanks by advance

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I use three 4ft by 2ft (1200mm by 600mm) white plastic folding trestle tables with a heavy cloth over the top. You could add a fourth one for a 8’x4’ (1800x600) play space. They take a little space when folded up but no more than separate trestles and boards would. It also means that you’ve got some spare tables for whatever other things you need it for.

The specific ones I use are the Lifetime height-adjustable ones.


You could use 18mm mdf and a full width piano hinge. That way you can fold the table in two and stack it somewhere.

I use 18mm mdf, but not hinged as I use both sides of the boards

When looking for ready-to-use tables, that 120cm width will be the biggest issue.

I have one of these and am quite happy with it.

Thanks for the input, it’s easier to tidy indeed. How do you use both sides differently ?

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An elegant (while more expensive) solution I had not thought about.
It’s not available, is it specific to gamemat ?

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So from what I can tell it’s available periodically :slight_smile: it was not available in the weeks prior to when I ordered it, too. There was at least one other store offering one, but I don’t have that information with me right now.

While less esthetically pleasing, it’s possibly the most versatile solution.

Instead of a technical solution of simply material and thickness, I have several well-thought ideas on your part guys, each valid, to be able to tidy this more easily.


I glued spacers on the corners and long edge of the mdf sheets and stack them like that. There is a 10mm gap between each sheet.