Big Hat Iron Daemon? 🚂

Hey y’all, it’s me again :sweat_smile: I would like to have an Iron Daemon in my TOW army, simply cause it’s a beastly chariot in game.

The Forgeworld kit is quite intricate - busy - and fits the aesthetic of the Legion of Azgorh, not the big hat warmachines like earthshaker and death rocket battery.

Has anyone had any thoughts as to which model would fit or be a good base for a big Hat Iron Daemon? Maybe made something to fit, that you’d like to share as inspiration? I’m thinking to try and possibly digitally kitbashing one, I just need to get a grip on Blender. Currently working on trying to give a chorf a shovel instead of a great axe, wowee is it complicated :hot_face:

Thanks :pray:


Something like this?


Not a bad bid. It has to be on a 60x100 base though. What’s this one? I’m thinking it ought to be made of iron to live up to the name, and in some way have a steam engine and some hunking blades in the front… It’s a tough one.

I just prompted an AI generator to give me a picture. The prompt was smth like: large steam tractor miniature in a 1994 chaos dwarf style with blades in front and a cannonade mounted to its frame. Six spiked wheels. Decorated with brass skulls, trimmed with arrow symbols. - and some other stuff.

Here’s what it came up with before I got hit with the old “sign up for more”:

Inspiring, I’d say :thinking:


Its kind of like a dragster

That juggernaught has an engine on the back.

You could use a golem as an iron demon? Several places for those

Or convert your own train

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I went closer to LoA with this but I think you could spin the GW servohaulers kit in the big hat direction with some choice bits and a paint scheme.


I like it. A little bit futuristic, but as you say - with some amendments it might just work.

I dipped a bit further into AI generation. The Microsoft one really delivered on the daemon faces, damn:


This one is WIP by @Max152 through Fabelzel’s discord channel. Don’t know when it’ll be released though. :slight_smile:


Looks like Max152 took a bit of inspiration from the old 40k Ork battlewagon. The bighat chimney is probably the most required part, followed by lots of skulls and arrows.

There is a free Iron Daemon-style model on Cults3d if you want to use that as a base for your kitbashing. I’ve been slowly working on one myself that is a lot chunkier so will fit the big hats more (but really it is for easier FDM printing), but I had some issues with the mesh corrupting so it has stalled a bit recently.


That one is pretty rad though


That one is pretty sexy, not gonna lie. I hope he changes the chimney somewhat, it’d be a little off-putting to have your Fabelzel Bale Taurus guy wear a chimney hat and vice versa :sweat_smile:

What I’m really wondering is what it would look like if… Was it Bryan Ansell?.. made an Iron daemon in the same range along with the earthshaker and death rocket.

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Ok last batch and I’m done with this AI nonsense, I swear :sweat_smile:

So I really like the bull daemon faces on all of these. The cowcatcher turned into an array of knives is also chef’s kiss levels of awesome imo. The cabin looks too train-like on all of them, so would have to be trimmed down to offer a view of the chorf crewing the thing. Most lack a cannon turret, so that’d have to be added as well. In general they’re a bit too busy, but I think these could be a good inspiration jump-off point for a conversion project.


I really need to get into that discord. I need to start subscribing to fabel


Hilarious. Reminds me a bit of the Man’O’War ships with the massive hat on them, very on-brand!

Hold up now, but you already did it! Isn’t this yours?:

This is magnificent, did you paint it up as well?


haha good catch. I have used the servohaulers kit for so much fun! Yeah maybe this one would be more bighatty with a different paint scheme.

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I love it. Especially since it’s more of a tank and less of a tractor :tractor:

Gonna have to make a shopping list of parts…

I see from the iron daemon:

Front blades
Main Tank
Dual guns

Then some 40k stuff, a cog from a Skaven wlc/plague claw?, and whatever that front skewer is. Add to that some crew and I think I’m good to go.

Oh and the main body, you said you made it and it was free? :face_holding_back_tears:

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Does anyone have the dimensions in terms of length and max width for the iron daemon model itself (not the base)? Knowing the dimensions would be a good guide too.

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They are pretty much the same :slight_smile:
About 115x65 for the max width and length.

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100% a “Dragula”