Bitz & Chitz: A Shoulder to Warcry on

Welcome to another episode of Bitz & Chitz! A Brazen Broadcast spinoff filling niches within a niche.

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@chitzkoi and @Reaver lament the various Warcry warbands that may be leaving Games Workshop’s store (or have we cried wolf and they’re just going online only?). But there’s more than just grieving over purportedly spilt milk… Chitz also explains in vivid degenerate detail why the hundreds of pierced nipples he owns are NOT the will of Hashut. Thankfully the Horns of Hashut are a far cry from many of the other warbands that would fit well in a Chaos Dwarf collection.

Listen in as we cry a river of conversion ideas based on several different kits.

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Took me a few days to listen, very nice overview of the Warcry Warbands. Shame that these models are leaving, they offered an interesting glimpse besides the “mainstream” a bit. Also curious to see whether the Warcry 3.0 rumours hold true. We’ll see.


It looks like the models might not be leaving just yet, actually - unlike the other things that lost their rules, they are still on sale!

The question is whether Warcry will have the future that Kill Team does, if “I can use these models in AOS” is removed from the basic value proposition of Warcry boxes.

Was Warcry ever independently commercially viable? GW will soon find out.


Tough to say! The rules were free for a while.


Iron Golem are aesthetically so comparable to the hobgrots, I’m really struggling to resist temptation to get one or two sets.