Bitz & Chitz - Open Call for Suggestions

Greetings hobby friends -

As part of the gentle, casual, occasional return of the Brazen Broadcast, @Reaver and I will be debuting a new series of 2-hander shortcasts called Bitz and Chitz.

I feel compelled to say he came up with the name.

The show will be about the best conversion components for your projects, with a heavy but not exclusive focus on Chaos Dwarf projects.

It’s going to be verbal shitposting from one of the forum’s best sculptors and one of the forum’s most prolific kitbashers and also me.

On the slate so far are vital topics that @Oxymandias and @MichaelX are too cool to discuss, such as:

  • Top 10 Shovels On The Market Right Now
  • Best Mounts For Your Hobgoblins Which May or May Not Be Wolves
  • Extreme Warcry Warband Surgery
  • Redeeming Mantic Games
  • Home goods for hobby projects
  • The search for a Kdaai Destroyer
  • Bronze Age in your loft
  • What are Mage Knights and why are we wasting your time with them

We are keen to hear what concepts, projects or ranges you think would make for good, short, sharp episodes, so share your desires below!

Current List of Episodes:


look forward to listening!


Sounds great! What about building big hats themselves? Best head/push pin combos, decorations - are there easier alternatives?

Attached - my answer to redeeming Mantic centaurs.

Look forward to listening!


Excellent new format, looking forward!

I’d def like something about daemonic war machines in all their glory. We all know that one famous 40k crane-engine-terrain thing, but what else is there?

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Best base kits and kitbashes of k’daii destroyers. Also how would you play them in each game system?


I am verging on godhood at coming up with bad names with gems like Jordi Laforgemaster and Skaruman on my resume. With hive mind co-authorship on Hamlet Schweindergott.

Also I’m currently working a biggly piggly redemption arc for mantic so that is very timely.

I feel like we might as well do a temple dog short. Were fortunate Chitz is potentially a 1 of 1 temple dog alternate sculpts collector.


It’s basically a subset of the mounts show, which is itself just an excuse for me to lecture you about the word warg as a search term, which returns over 1600 hits on the gw webstore, only six of which are actually wargs


I could also do something with a confirmed audience reach of like… two… people…

Top 10 Mage Knights to hack to bits for Chaos Dwarf kitbashes.


Also, disgustingly, hideously, in a manner that causes me great pain, there were two other temple dog blisters. fortunately only the rider was different - dark elf and nippon… man - so Im clinging to the 1 of 1 temple dog statistic rather than 1 of 3 temple dog products


Warg lecture with baby ASMR 4000 was the college elective I never was able to register for, seats filled too quickly


we must take refuge in the reassuring fact that our audience was never going to reach the lofty heights of three people anyway

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are we wasting shitposting we should be doing on the show by shitposting on this thread??? we wont have any content we’ll just have to fall back on homestar references


I’m fulla shit(posting)


Basically my ghost writer


Hmm… could you do a “starter kit” for the best things to buy when you get into Chaos dwarves or start making your first conversions?


Good shout here. That’s an easy one and exactly the prompt we’re looking for.


Some of @Reaver 's (read: all) kit bashes and custom constructs are legendary. Im pretty stoked to listen in


a brief history of cd kitbashing through the eras would be cool I discovered chaos dwarfs mostly through snotlings conversions of the skull pass box.

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Such a vast history is not so easily distilled into a quick video. but perhaps…

This is also a suitable topic for the more long form podcasts with the full crew weighing in. In our older conversion corners we have been known to talk for an hour on historical conversion concepts… for a single unit…