Bitz & Chitz: Gold Standard

Welcome to another episode of Bitz & Chitz! A Brazen Broadcast spinoff laying claim to large swaths of the internet with the cunning use of FLAGS.

CLICK HERE: Currently hosted on Youtube!

@chitzkoi and @Reaver spend flag day perusing the history of CDO’s Golden Hat and flying the flag of the current Golden Hat competition. It’s going to be a banner competition with Red Bard Games sponsoring the top prize.

Worried about freehand? Don’t throw throw up the white flag! Chitz and Reaver have plenty of ideas that should be standard in Chaos Dwarf armies. If we don’t see a single Lamassu’s beard kitbash Chitz, the self-proclaimed Dr. Banner, may just rage into the forgettable Hulk. You’ll be sure to find something that gets you to the chequered flag, including a tutorial from @Oxymandias that’ll make you see things in black and white.

We hope to see you all enter the competition for the chance to wave your flag from the podium, staking your claim to immortality in CDO’s Golden Hat gallery reaching back to 2007. Not to worry though, there are still multiple random draw prizes to plant your pole in.

Blows sportsing whistle in your ear

There’s a flag on the play for intentional grounding! So many folks have never entered a Golden Hat! Lurkers, new folks, and even forum longbeards alike! Now’s your chance to join the most supportive and inspiring flag raising competition on the internet. YOU ONLY NEED TO PAINT ONE MODEL AND YOU HAVE 12 FLIPPERING WEEKS TO GET IT DONE. (praise Walhut)

If you have any feedback for the show, ideas about what you’d like to hear discussed, or want to submit something, let us know at the open call for suggestions!


Extra Notes:
Golden Hat 5 and 23 and 25
Homebrew Art on CDO
Hotstuff Banner STLs
Chequerboarding Oxy Style Freehand
Bessron Paper Banners
Project Banners
Red Bard
Red Bard Free Downloads
Photography Tutorial


Wonderful episode, chaps! Count me in as an avid enjoyer of your wonderful videos. I’ve got to catch up on the rest now.

It is a pleasure and an evergreen thrilling surprise to see CDO with its members and works featured on Youtube, and in such a good way. And it is fun to see all the contest banners I’ve whipped up in a Photoshop-esque light version (until it locked down behind a paywall), and then MS Paint like the digital caveman I am. Thank you most graciously for the kind words, and please know that CDO is exemplarly well run now with you good folks doing such stellar work.

This episode was cleverly executed, in the way you showcased a plethora of different banners to give inspiration pulling in all manner of different directions. The sky is the limit, and you have helped sketch out that idea with your quality commentary.

Members whose work was showcased in the video might want to check it out: @Willmark @Clam @Fuggit_Khan @Oxymandias @MichaelX @Zanko @Bessron @TheHoodedMan @Hotstuff

Also, I’ve long wanted to do Youtube audio versions of Chaos Dwarf, 40k and BBR stories of mine and others, but for the time being the software knowhow and audio gear is way out of my league to even attempt. As such I’m always grateful and in awe when Youtubers like Paul Graham narrate choice 40k works of mine, and the same gratitude and awe naturally extends to you good gang showcasing of entire CDO in such a wonderful way.



Cheers for the shoutout. The mic setup sounds really good this time! Good listen/watch!


I loathed my previous mic quality but it was impossible to avoid. My podcast mic was on a slow boat out here. There will be no going back