Bitz & Chitz: When Push Comes to Shovel

Welcome to the first episode of Bitz & Chitz! A Brazen Broadcast spinoff of no renown.

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@chitzkoi and @Reaver go down a rabbit hole discussing the various shovels Games Workshop has made and their uses for Chaos Dwarf kitbashers. What’s the scoop? Why are we ranking shovels? Listen in to find out whatever asinine excuses we unearth for this episode and show to exist in the first place. Feel free to share your favorite shovels here, we open the ground to a good moot moot. If we didn’t do a bit of mooting this whole forum would be moot!

Without further adieu, please DIG in!

If you have any feedback for the show, ideas about what you’d like to hear discussed, or want to submit something, let us know at the open call for suggestions!


good stuff their is also a shovel in the Mordheim range " villager 11"


Great show, gentlemen! And exquisite choice of topic. The artwork is wonderful. Who is the artist?

If you pardon the self-indulgence for a while, isn’t it shameless how you’ve made an episode tailored perfectly to my tastes? :smiley:

After that good talk on shovels, it is now only a time before I doodle and write a lengthy essay about the decline of humble shovels in the Imperium of Man, complete with lamentations over robotic shovels and wondrous sci-fi technologies that Imperial man cannot even dream of.

Likewise, it is now a must to doodle and write a Chaos Dwarf story about shovels. For instance, a stoker or a Hellcannoneer or something else entirely. For once, let’s open up with a public brainstorming session. I’m all ears. Any wacky ideas are most welcome.

@Fuggit_Khan , you’ve read all my Chaos Dwarf stories and fables revolving around mundane tools and trades. The longer stories usually end up in magical fantasyland of immense labour efficiency, and then go spectacularly wrong, often by Daemonic mishaps, with dark endings for sinful stonecarvers and walled-in bricklayers and damned riveters.

What wacky fantasy mayhem could be cooked up with Chaos Dwarf shovels? I look forward to hear crazy ideas. I’ve got some of my own as usual, but would love to hear others’ ideas as well.

Even asscannon shovel ideas.

@Reaver @chitzkoi @MichaelX @Oxymandias @Uther.the.unhinged etc.

We could potentially have several wacky shovel stories by different writers come out of this.

To pick just one idea, one could have a Daemonforged shovel granting its user immense speed. Shovelling hillocks in rapid order. Yet a dark sorcerous mishap could see shovelling continue and accelerate against the will of the shoveller, until the arms are ripped off his shoulders like the fingers of @Oxymandias on the loo.



The art is a commission by Raul - @knightinflames - from a series based on the early parts of among the wicked dawi. This specifically is the first scene featuring Enmerkar in his tower. Raul really captured something iconic that @Reaver and I both enjoy.

My experience of commissioning Raul was very positive and I thoroughly recommend him to everyone, without reservation.


What hijinks could the bowl with feet and the shovel with hands get up to.