Bitz & Chitz: Wolf of Hob Street

Welcome to another episode of Bitz & Chitz! A Brazen Broadcast spinoff popular among CDO members from the beaches of Brazil to the oil rigs of the Indian Ocean.

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@chitzkoi and @Reaver let the dogs out in this lengthy rundown of sculpts familiar and obscure alike. Some of the controversial choices might just blow your house down.

This diatribe of wolves was something Chitz really needed to get off his fursuit chest while Reaver eats sand to stay sane. “All is dust” muttered the pair of casters, proceeding through the high level enumerations to survive this onslaught of furry friendos. Pointless cyber furries aside there are a mutley crew of different options for the Warg-gamers of the Old World. The only thing standing between you and your wolfboy goals is this 50 minutes of hot air.

Now, RESET THE CLOCK, don’t be a sheep and shepherd others with comments or other favorite doggos below. We’ll see if this discussion a-mounts to anything but we hope to see some new conversions out there in The Grey.

If you have any feedback for the show, ideas about what you’d like to hear discussed, or want to submit something, let us know at the open call for suggestions!



soul… blight… grave… lords

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I really enjoyed it. Such exquisite expertise! and fun kitbash thoughts


I can promise my microphone sounds WAY better in subsequent episodes. Im glad it didnt get in the way of my warg rant. I feel like I have exorcised a personal demon with that one.

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great video, I love the Gamezone Wolves but unfortunately there are only 4 different sculpts.