Bluebeard's Clan Chaos Dwarfs showcase

Hello everybody,

after TOO many months I decided to finally be back in the forum! I wish I understood well how it works and let’s start with some pictures of Zhann-Ngrund, leader of the Bluebeards’ Clan. Some older members could remember him as winner of a very old Golden Hat! Do you? :slight_smile:

I wish to post more…very soon!!! Nice to back where everything started many years ago :+1:

BTW: where are the good old CD emoticons?!?!


For the youngster that do not know me. This is Zhann-Ngrund…naked! I’ve made him from an od plastic dwarf.


This is gorgeous work @Bassman ! Great green stuffing and a lovely paint job especially the fire.


Bass my man!!
Welcome home, nice to see these classic minis again, so much nostalgia :21: :27:


Amazing model and painting. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff :17:


They are still here btw! Plus @Loidrial has added a whole host of new ones. Click the emoji button and scroll down to the last section they are all there! :21:


Always loved your work man! Welcome home!
I made some random CD gifs then after people wanted to use them as emoticons too xD
Uploaded both, for everyone tastes! :17:
And glad you put your army aswell!!!


Thank you everybody. It is so nice to be back here.

Like I’m doing on Instagram I’m reposting lot of old stuff that got lost in the webways… but I’ll make sure to post something new I’m working recently :11:


Welcome back dude! :tongue: Nice that more and more of the old fellas show up here! :metal:


Welcome back! :slight_smile:


Here, contrary to Instagram, I’ll post starting from troopers, then characters. So let’s start with the loyal Bluebeard’s clandwarfs!

Both pictures come from glorious fanzine Words of Hashut! :hat: :icon3:


Bluebearded cd best bearded cd.
Mine are like that too, but they have gray skin too.
Also, take this, you dropped the icon. :icon1:

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Oh @Bassman these are so epic it hurts :shock:


Thanks. Both regiments are in dire need of restoration after soooo many years of battles. They have scratches, broken parts… :sad:

As soon as they’ll be back to the previous glory I’ll take pictures!


Welcome back @Bassman
Good to know your Chaos Dwarfs are still getting action even at the cost of having to do a resto job… It’s a bit like a awesome car really, hate to see them locked up in the shed, gotta get 'em out every now and then to do what they were made to do!
Looking forward to seeing some more pictures from you :hatoff:


Well, actually I’ve been playing for years until AgeofSigmar came out. I got a littlle bored of the mecanics (I paly warhammer because I love to filed an army of ranked troops…not skirmish…) and ran out of steam…
So they are inside boxes now :sad:

But welll, who knows, maybe they’ll walk the battlefields in the future! In the meantime I sculpt and paint for me and my clients :wink:

Stop talking and more pics!
Second block of blunderbusses with…filler! Later I’ve used it as a proxy for magma cannon :grin:
This little fella got me a medal in Golden Hat X!


Im your fan#1 and you know xD
:hat3: .
:tower2: cannot wait to be able to come there
:head: with my Crazy ass ideas and make those cannons


I’m not surprised! It’s a real beauty!!!

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Yeah, I was not happy at all when I found AoS… not a fan at all. I near got rid of my EVERYTHING but then decided that I would view things differently so for me Warhammer ended with End Times and I will continue to collect and play 1st - 8th ed and just ignore the fact AoS exists. I figure my collection should not suffer and I should celebrate it and just live in the past. On the bright side I can now see an end so there are only so many more models that I will ever need to obtain.

Love that Magma cannon by the way, it is no wonder you got a Golden Hat medal with that one! Very well done. :hatoff:

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I’ve posted the dwarf core units…let’s go with some scum. 25 hobgoblins unit n.01
With filler!

All of them come from Battle of Skull Pass starter set. Night goblins converted into hobgoblin and troll transformed into a 5th edition troll (face completely resculpted).