Brainstorming thread for demonic labor

I’m posting this to pool our creative resources in advance of my first forays into sculpting. With support from the ministry of interior,* I’m finally taking up a non-sport hobby, and I plan on throwing myself into this.

With that said, here’s what I’m asking: how many creative ways can we think of for a demonic laborer?

The background to my idea is this: across the multiverse, evil dwarves seem to understand that demons, dredges, elementals, and all sorts of haunts are tools to be exploited rather than icons to be worshipped. If it can’t carry your baggage or serve as a meat shield, send it to the mines. So other than sending it to the mines, what things could we use such creatures for?

I can think of a few working examples so far:

  1. Old School Miniatures and the orange demon thing pulling a wagon
  2. The ogre loader for evil dwarf mortars found with Forge World, Lost Kingdom, our own Brawniac, and more.
  3. Ass cannons, which are everywhere, as they should be.

I have a few other ideas for things I might try to shape from green stuff:

  1. A weapon team with a “flamethrower” which is actually just a demon in chains breathing fire at enemies whenever an evil dwarf beats it with a stick.
  2. A sentient and intelligent demon forced to crawl on its hands and knees as a mount.
  3. Demons chained to the front of a mechanized chariot like a bumper on a car.
  4. A weapon team with a mortar which is a chained demon laying eggs into the mortar, and its eggs are the exploding projectile.

But I only have one brain, and it doesn’t even work right on most days. So in a similar vein, what other ideas could you all share?

P.S. I don’t own any of the ideas, including those I posted above. In fact, the more people experimenting with this, the better, so this is all about sharing.

*my wife


This is the topic that I dream about for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.

It is my solemn vow until I perish buried in nautical Chaos Dwarf familiars.

Sometimes I sketch about it

Most of the time I sculpt about it, or am bullied into it by @Zoddtheimmortal (all the spongebob and disney crap) and @MichaelX (the daemon hookah) or inspired by @Admiral (the bowl with feet)

Walking ceramics are a related obsession.

Some contests were born in it, molded by it.


My Chaos Dwarfs harnessed the balefire of multiple Flamers of Tzeentch to power their airship…

You couldn’t really see it all that well once it was enclosed, but when powered the LEDs gave it a nice glow from within…

I also made sure the Orc slave had a way of keep the furnace ‘fed’.

In this regard you could kind of use any flaming creature as a power source for anything that needs heat/pressure/etc.

I revisited it with my Warhammer Quest terrain piece, where the Forgemaster had a bound daemon inside his forge to get up to impossibly high heats:

Separate from daemons I just have bodies used to power smaller furnaces for boilers and things when winches or something less significant need some power.

Anyway… yeah… look it up… Daemon power.



I’m too exhausted now to go on my usual idea-spraying spree, so that will have to wait for a later date.

Strangely enough I have converted all manner of slaves and atrocity victims for my Chaos Dwarfs, but no Daemons used for labour outside the battlefield up to date. Got to change that in the future.

In the meanwhile, here are my two Daemonforged cannon conversions, a petard and a wacky Hellcannon, as aesthetic inspiration: