Brawniac's 3D sculpted big hats

Ehi @Brawniac are you planning to release bigger big hat bulls compatible with 50X75mm bases for TOW? Thanks!

Did you see these?

I mean in a bigger scale to suit with 50X75 bases

Someone could just try and print one of those in +25-50% scale as test…? paving the way for colour 3d printing!

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So sorry for not checking this sooner! I don’t know what to do about the bulls, TBH. I like the ones I’ve made, but they look silly on huge bases. Even worse with converter movement trays! I need to find a solution. But there are many things to choose between… I get a request for fireglaives almost daily now.


Oh sweet!

Here is the next release! Links to be distributed this evening:


He looks amazing!

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Holy Hashut!!


love the forked tongue

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These are really, really, REALLY damn nice, I can only hope to some day be able to sculpt like you

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Brilliant work !


Also, would there be change to have those CD warriors with 2 handed axes to have those scimitars champions have? To represent Infernal Guard with hand weapons and shields…

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Wonderful suggestion!

You are much too kind. Please join my next online sculpting session! It’s free and I go through some tips and tricks that help me a lot.

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Holy moley! These are easily some of the best sculpts out there. I love big hats!!! Any chance you’re looking at doing big hats with fireglaives??? Keep
Up the amazing work :metal::metal::metal:

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Thank you! Funny story about fireglaives. There’s a vote on at the Patreon. You could still cast the deciding vote. :wink:

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the Combination Ax-Pistol of Grand Duke Ferdinand I de’ Medici (1549–1609) has bighat fireglave vibes


Hi everyone!

I’ll be on twitch from about 815pm CET

The link is: Twitch

I’ll go through how I make heads and faces for a couple of races, plus talk about level of detail and how to avoid 3D printing “traps”.