Brawniac's 3D sculpted big hats

Not a fan of the hat, but that’s just personal preference. Think he could also do with more beard coils. :wink:

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See I really like the hat. It’s reminiscent of @Loidrial ’s “hat stacks”

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That is an incredible technical achievement. You’re extremely talented and I feel lucky that you’ve turned those talents to the legacy of the bighats!


Lemme echo what a lot of people have said… i really like the old catalog renders :smiley: nostalgia is a heavy hitter isn’t it :smiley:

I like the hat. I dont really have big hats, and initially i didn’t like them since my first chorf ever was the hellcannon crew, but being om CDO for almost a year has allowed me to see so many great versions of them that i have grown to love them. At some point in the future (maybe when the old world finally drops AND if it has Chorf support) i will do a proper bighat army!

Anyway… I like his hat, especially the pumpkin with horns bit. It’s over the top as bighats should be :slight_smile:
I like the flail, The Lizardmen skull ties in with my main army and the handle looks equally cool and terrifying.
I really like the throne he’s on, it ooks great!
The beard is very cool. I think having a few smaller braids next to the large one would work well too, but either way would be nice.

Finally, those are some bushy eyebrows, perfect!

I really hope you make these available to us somehow!


Glad I read through comments before leaving this exact statement! Obviously, as a follower of our resident Emoticon Dio @Loidrial , I’m a huge stacking towerhat fan. Every bit in my bit box is just a hat I haven’t imagined yet.

Also I like the idea of the throne, would have many more uses than just riding a monster. Keep up the great work!

:hat3: .
:tower6: .
:tower6: .
:head1: .


Both are valid and valued viewpoints.

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Too kind! I find sculpting these very relaxing. It’s like these shapes are burned into my spinal fluid, so sculpting hardly requires conscious thought. Now, a supertanker gearbox, that really takes concentration…


A bighat army is the loftiest goal, to my mind. Yes, they are humorous and silly, but darnit, they’re my jam! I will get these out there somehow or other. But there’s little point doing so until I know they can be printed properly.


Of you need test printers… feel free to ask


Hell yes! Stack them! From pile of shame of pile of hats!! Man it looks so great!


This board works best when we encourage each other in our creative endeavours. This is one of the best ones we’ve seen in a long time!


Is there a hotline for people who can’t stop sculpting bull centaur heads? Asking for a friend…


Could not agree more, and thanks.

I mean this would work as a straight up headswap kit for converting dwarfs as well man!


:point_up_2:t2: This

Again amazing work my friend

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There is.

It’s a recorded message telling you you’re doing Hashut’s work and that He is mightily pleased.


Family back. Hobby time go “poof”.

This is as far as I got. The bull bodies are just placeholders, and lots more work remains on poses etc. Once I am done, I will slice in chitubox and see where the problem areas are, and if I can fix it more easily by changing the sculpt or adding a million supports.


I like them

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Send them back on vacation! We need this! We want this!


Time to open a crowdfunder? “Pay for luxury holiday for @Brawniac 's family for the greater glory of bull centaurs”? :tongue:

Stellar work! Next level in many regards.

Hanging chains and open skull jaws are good examples of things that would be incredibly hard to handsculpt. 3D-sculpting have a lot of good uses beyond what is possible to achieve by hand.