Brawniac's 3D sculpted big hats

I resurface! Terribly sorry I can’t keep a steady stream of hobby stuff coming, but kids, life work, house maintenance and more kids and more work have come in the way. Anyways, I do tinker with my little chorfs some evenings and I am planning a full reveal of my army so far. Here is the result of yesterday’s short session: A WIP bull centaur hero.


These are all looking totally fantastic! I second the request for holes in hands as a printing option as I’ve started doing this with even my plastic GW standard bearer models. So much sturdier. Heck, even some of the older metal miniatures I’ve replaced poles with brass rod so they don’t look wonky.

I’d be totally game to get a bunch of these printed up. I can go as low as 10-microns per layer, so I think these would all printout fantastic. In the mean time I’ll just sit here quietly salivating!


Musicians are the best part of Warhammer Fantasy. Convince me otherwise.


Thanks a lot! Indeed, hands with holes are on the to-do liat for sure!

Perhaps I could interest you in making a test print? I fear I have pestered @Loidrial too much…


I’ve been sick. So I’ve made some progress! The flag and pole are just placeholders. I won’t try to print those.


And here he is with his gang:


NICE! Damn those look so sweet! But where is musiciant?

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You called?


So beautiful! Congratulations, sir. Especially love your hat designs.

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Maybe some weapon to left hand and it’s quite perfect… Maybe scimitar? As banner bearer has axe?

Btw, I’m big fan of centaurs in miniature games so this tickles that spot very well!

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We aim to please, sir!


Thank you so much!

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That’s just perfection!

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Your stuff just gets better and better Marko. Trust me, you’ll never have trouble finding people to test print for you.

I’d sell my grandmother to get a collection of your STLs.


You are too kind! But this gang is getting closer! I have 2.5 of thee in what I consider a print-ready state:

I do NOT envy the unfortunates that will have these guys bearing down on them!


the general look is great and i like them!
i have to add that i feel unsafe about those banner poles, they look too thin for me, similar to those thin axes.
i’d say those could be thicken a bit, but for the rest, your interpretation is very nice!
gotta say i love the one on the left, love those turbants!


Excellent points and thank you!
The banner poles and flags are just placeholders. :slight_smile: The models have holes in their hands and the banner tops to fit brass rods.
The finished models do have 40% thicker axe handles and two points of contact on the long handles.

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