CDO Community Award 2021 - Winners

The votes are in CDO! This years community awards have been forged in the sacrificial fires and are now ready to be awarded to the worthy dawi who have earned them.

Who will be the first to climb the blood soaked steps of MingolZharr Naggrund and stand higher than all their peers?

21E46816-6457-4EA0-954E-0AA5842A5137BEST NEW USER 21E46816-6457-4EA0-954E-0AA5842A5137

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The first Dawi to reach the top of the Ziggurat is @Stumpy . A newcomer to the darklands, he has sprinted up the great granite stairs while his rivals fell to their doom. He now roars his battlecry over the city of Zharr Naggrund for all to hear.

A very recent joiner to the community whose positivity, encouragement and engagement has already marked him for greatness. His writings and artwork have already wowed the userbase here. Also, he lives on a giant volcano, which is the most Chaos Dwarf thing anyone can do! Thankyou for everything you add to the community here Charlie . We look forward to your contributions for years to come!

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The second Dawi to reach the peak is @Bessron , in the most hotly contended category of the year. The winner of this prize fluctuated between many Dawi over the weeks, but Bessron’s blade is slick with the blood of his rivals! He now stands victorious and surveys the darklands from this mighty position.

Bessron’s blog, “Small steps to a Chaos Dwarf Army”, has wowed newcomers and veterans alike. The colour scheme, the mix of old and new and the generally unique approach towards Dawi Zharr has been a breath of fresh pyroclastic flow in the dark lands!

We have all been blown away by what has been created so far and we wait in anticipation for what has yet to come! Congratulations Alexander!

21E46816-6457-4EA0-954E-0AA5842A5137 ABOVE & BEYOND21E46816-6457-4EA0-954E-0AA5842A5137

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The third Dawi to claw his way to the top does so with the aid of a daemon engine that he has designed and programmed himself. With ease, @MichaelX 's contraption swipes away the competition and, hissing steam, it now stands before us, mighty and victorious.

Michael has been voted as the “above and beyond” winner against some close competition. His work on Zines and Podcasts has been of a massive service to this community as well as his diligent support of those getting into 3D printing. Michael also completed the utterly herculean task of completing the email campaign to welcome back old/inactive members to the new software and the creation of the archive of the original forum on the new one. It is believed that this was mostly achieved by hurriedly typing on a keyboard, in a darkened room, while wearing shades. (That’s hacking right?) Well done and thankyou for everything Michael.

21E46816-6457-4EA0-954E-0AA5842A5137 BEST HOBBY BLOG 21E46816-6457-4EA0-954E-0AA5842A5137

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The fourth victor now pulls himself up to the top of the Ziggurat, sustained on a diet of sandy eggs and licked brushes. @Reaver , an artisan among artisans now stands alongside the other victors, and raises his pole-axe to the sky!

Reaver’s blog is, according to the stats, the most viewed hobby blog on this website. Plunder for the Ironclad fleet has attracted newcomers to the website and kept veterans inspired and entertained on both the old and new forum alike. This blog is well maintained, regularly updated and many of us have sought to emulate this style in recent months. However the real reason why the blog stands out is because of the impressive level of hobby contained within. Inspirational, at a professional standard and creative in the extreme, the work within this blog is the stuff that CDO legends are made of. Congratulations Jared, well deserved.
And to all others: Witness the Reavers of Uzkulak; tremble before the might of the Ironclad Fleet!

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The four assembled Dawi look about them in confusion. Where is the fifth? Lightning strikes. The flash reveals, for a moment, a grim and foreboding statue. A mighty sorcerer prophet, as ancient as time itself, stands before them. An malign intelligence burns below the surface of his unmoving eyes. @Admiral was here. He was always here…

Admiral is a dedicated and hard working member of this forum whose passion and positivity knows no bounds. In the days of slow decay during the end of the life cycle of the old forum, he and a few others lead a rearguard action to keep the community alive, through competitions and keeping content updated and relevant. Through his company, Admiralty Miniatures, many of us learned of the websites existence and through his work in many corners of the internet he continuously spreads the word of CDO far and wide. Admiral is also the archivist of the group with a memory that connects the old forum and the new. He is able to point new users in the direction of resources created by previous contributors and ensure that the cycle of teaching and learning creative skills on the website continues. All who enjoy engaging with this community owe a debt of gratitude to @Admiral and perhaps in our voting, we have attempted to show this. Congratulations Matte!



This is great! And I don’t mean me being in there. Well deserved awards! I wish all of you could be in there but that’s not how this works!

Congratulations @Stumpy, @Bessron, @Reaver and @Admiral… I wish I could say I was surprised!

@Oxymandias special thanks to you for doing this mate! You should be on there with us for the stuff you do for this community!


You forgot daemon enslavement and slave sacrifice!


Congratulations to the worthy winners! :beer:


Congratulations to @Stumpy , @MichaelX , @Reaver, @Admiral.
I think it’s a great honour that has been handed out to you here and each and every one of you deserves it. I’ve only been on this forum for a short time and I’m surprised how warmly people treat each other here and how active this community is internationally. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it.

And then…

Wow, many, many thousands of thanks to the people who voted for me, (whispers you will get the 1500 Deutsch-Mark note in the usual way).

I am deeply grateful that I was named most in my category. I have to admit, you motivate far more than any other and also German forums to continue painting the chaos dwarfs.

So, as a thank you, I’ll now go to the craft table and assemble the next models.Oh, and tomorrow I’ll finally make a picture for “Faces of CDO” (I’m the only one without a corresponding picture…).


Haha! Ill get the post updated when you do :slight_smile:


Congratulations all, well deserved!
Such passion must be rewarded!


Congrats, very very very deserving winners all around! Thanks Oxy for putting this together in such a great way.

God I love this community so much!


Congratulations to all those named here. Well earned gentlemen! Thanks to you all and to the many others who work constantly to make this place such a great community!


Congrats guys, very very deserving winners :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Congratulations to all the winners, but ultimately I think CDO is the winner over all. The community would be as bleak as the Darklands without all you guys creating and sharing lore, knowledge, and art. The ranks of the Dawi Zharr continue to swell with fresh followers, and you guys continue to stoke the flames of the forge and churn out more amazing monsters, machines, armors, slaves, and hats! I’m excited for what this next year has to offer!


Started with a jar of dirt and now I’m here. Thanks to those that voted! I’ll say that given the outstanding showing on the best new hobby blog category, in 2022 we will all witness a sophomoric upheaval of unprecedented magnitude.

Congrats to the other winners. Entirely well deserved although voting was difficult among countless worthy nominations.


Congrats to the winners.


Congratulations everyone!


Congrats, well deserved! :slight_smile:


Thank you most kindly, and congratulations to all the winners here! You deserve it. Last year saw immense activity on podcasts, webzines, army blogs, stories and so much more. Any future year that manages to match 2021 on the Chaos Dwarf front is a golden one. Yet it can be surpassed!

This came like a bolt out of a blue sky. You have my gratitude, and complete surprise. Ambush succesful. :smiley:

There’s a slew of folks I was dead certain would be in the top running, who all shone last year! I had more names particularly worthy of a pick than I could vote for.

For the entire community: You’ve all done a splendid job in the service of Hashut, whether or not a medal is there to show for it.

Lovely flavour texts, @Oxymandias . You had me in stitches. :beer:

Happy new year!