CDO Community Awards 2021!

Let’s do this at the CDO meetup!



Best Hobby Blog

A tough division and actually all people deserve a place here, as they represent the best faction of the old world. But I find @GhraskDragh’s Grim Dark Chaosdwarfs particularly striking. A group that might be worth wiping out, at least before they gain even more fame and become unstoppable.

Best User
@Loidrial is always one of the first to comment and write, and also takes his colleagues along when he models characters on the PC. According to the description of the “Best User” I think he has to be pilloried.

Above and Beyond
For me, at the moment @MichaelX , he has cleaned up the catacombs, he is constantly writing and supposedly improving something. One has to be careful, not that he rises to the position of the chief priest and nobody notices anything.

Best new hobby blog

My 3d-printed army… @HashutMason the beautiful chaosdwarfs from Fabelzel, with incredible colour intensity. This one is getting big… too big.
Ah yes @Oxymandias Dwerros Zharr-11th Dec-Goblin Engineers, also a budding blog that could get big… way too big

(Once seriously and directly written, I shouldn’t translate the humour/sarcasm properly: Guys it’s amazing how this place is going. I feel picked up and positively encouraged in every way Well informed and also written to if only it could be interesting for me. All the people I mentioned above are currently the ones who have stuck in my mind the most. That’s why I’d like to give them all a Best User sign :-).


Cheers for the nomination @Bessron :slight_smile:

Remember everyone to message @CommunityAwards with your actual votes or they don’t count.

Votes will be counted around New Years sorta time and announced soon after


Oi, I would indeed have forgotten that! Thanks for the reminder :wink:


Last chances to vote people!


I’m going to be on an aeroplane on and off for the next 24 hours so I will check @CommunityAwards and announce the results at the earliest opportunity once I have arrived home, and have rested. May be a day or two later than previously advertised :slight_smile:



Safe flight mate!


To choose is impossible. The entire community is so awesome! I watched it growing and coming back stronger and almost as active as the old CDO forum.

Best users I wanna nominate all the podcast and magazine group @MichaelX @Oxymandias @chitzkoi @Reaver So much goes on there, they brought new life to us old farts

Best new users to me goes to @Stumpy and @Brawniac , great guys, great fun on discord and always positive attitude

Best blog, I’m not following it so much for no reason in particular, we do so much stuff and knlose track of time and posts, so I’d love to mention @LaketideMiniatures @Bessron and @Tyranno

I could mention the entire forum but my blog as it’s a fucking mess xD but I just want to nominate different people for different categories

Everyone here is doing great, there is seriously no reason why one wouldn’t get vote.
You all rock! Praise Hashut :icon1:


Excellent points all over, @Loidrial ! Wholeheartedly agreed.